Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mickey Mouse Mug | Disney Series |

I have dedicated this part of my Disney series to a beautiful birthday gift I received from my Best Friend Sophia; a Mickey Mouse Mug from the Disney Store! It's a perfect gift to remind me and get me excited for my trip of a lifetime but also really useful as I love tea and hot chocolate, I can use the ceramic spoon to stir and I can hold Mickeys ear whilst drinking :) How cute is that?!

Mickey Mouse Ceramic Mug and Spoon - Disney Store 2014
The mug itself is bigger than the majority of the mugs in my kitchen cupboard and although the larger size may mean that it's a bit too big for some, but you don't have to fill it up to the top and I do love my tea, so therefore it's perfect for me! 

The mug isn't just any old mug. It comes with a ceramic Mickey Mouse spoon! The spoon is decorated with red and white swirls on the handle with a green Mickey mouse head at the top. You can use it to stir your drink or as I do, just let it sit there and look pretty! The mug itself is decorated with Mickey Mouse's eyes and nose with 3D ears on the sides and is glossy all over making it shine. The eyes look like they're peeking at you. so he looks really cute and innocent! The inside of the mug is painted bright red, meaning tea and coffee marks won't stain the bottom if it was white for instance.

What I really love about my Mickey Mouse mug is the meaning behind it. Everytime I use it, it reminds me of my Best Friend and also about my upcoming trip to Disney World Florida - so it instantly puts a smile on my face! What more could you want?

I am worried about using my mug - I don't want to damage it or mark it in any way because it's soo pretty! I will be using it of course - I will just be very careful when using ti and when washing it up!

Do you have a Disney mug? There are soo many characters!
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