Saturday, 30 August 2014

Dorothy Perkins | The Red Rose Autumn Edit |

| The Red Rose Autumn Edit |

It's soon time to say goodbye to Summer and Hello Autumn! Autumn is my favourite season - I love the colours, the leaves falling from the trees and the fact that it's not too hot or too cold! So, I thought I'd share my favourite Autumn look this season by my fave retailer, Dorothy Perkins.
Ivory and Red Print Scuba Top £18 - Mulberry Twist Eden Jeggings £20 - Gold Rose Necklace £12.50 - Sunglasses £6
I am a massive Dorothy Perkins fanI love this look. It screams autumn, so I've broken down the look by each item to get you ready for when the leaves start falling from the trees! This look is taken from their Red Rose collection featuring "standout florals and and striking red shades".

Ivory and Red Print Scuba Top - £18
This is definitely going to be my favourite piece of apparel this Autumn. I love the rich reds and the floral print screams Autumn don't you think?! It's not made of think fabric and it's quite stretchy - handy for getting my head through the small hole! Other than the rich pigmented colours, the 3/4 sleeves really caught my attention! -  perfect for when the Autumn nights start getting cooler and for a more grown-up and smart look. I'm wearing a size 6 which is very true to size as it fits lovely! The pictures really do not do this top justice. £18 is a very reasonable price for the quality!
Mulberry Twist Eden Jeggings - £20
In total I have 6 pairs in a variety of colours and I they never disappoint me! Being a jegging, they have elastic around the waist which makes them handy if you gain or lose a bit of weight! They are available in short, regular and long lengths - and also available in sizes 6 - 2: perfect for all shapes and sizes.This is the main reason why I only buy jeggings by Dorothy Perkins as their size 6 jeggings are a perfect fit and are great quality! The only downside is that the stores near me very rarely stock a size 6 and therefore I have to go through the pollava of ordering it online.
Sunglasses - £6
You can never have too many sunglasses. Dorothy Perkins have a vast amount of styles available online and in-store and I couldn't resist these! They remind me of the ones celebs use and they're great for hiding your eyes when you're not looking your best!  £6 is also a reasonable price for sunglasses considering others on the high street which are very similar!
 Gold Rose Necklace £12.50
Gold Rose Necklace - £12.50
I usually only wear one necklace and it's always pretty simple, however when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. It drapes around the neckline of most tops which is great for jazzing up a plain top or adding to a particular print or colour code. I chose to team it with the ivory and red print scuba top because of the flower theme and also the gold and red colours which remind me of Autumn. I think it looks amazing with this top and I'll definitely be teaming it up in the future! £12.50 might seem a bit pricey for some considering it's just a base metal necklace, but I'll be getting many uses out of it so it's definitely worth it considering my wardrobe matches.

Total look cost: £56.50* 
*(excluding shoes)
I love this look. If you see me about, you'll probably see me over-using this look haha. I'm not a massive lover of the colour red but I think this look looks great for Autumn. Let me know what you think, do you like it or have you got something similar? 
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Monday, 25 August 2014

Old Wives Tail Hair Care

I was recently contacted by Lily at Old Wives Tail for the opportunity to test and feature one of their organic hair oil treatments.

Old Wives Tail has recently been launched and aims to provide high quality, natural, chemical free, environmentally friendly hair care. They are 100% against animal testing - none of their products are tested on animals and neither do they buy from suppliers that are concerned with such activity. OWT also donates 10% of their profits to charities that protect animals from being tested on. Animal testing is something I am strongly against and this is why I am glad for the opportunity to work with a great cause. 

OWT products range from £13.99 - £24.99 for organic oil treatments and mask treatments and offer free worldwide delivery on any order.
Coco Loco Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask - 150 ml - £14.99*

I was kindly sent the Coco Loco Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask - 150 ml - £14.99, part of their organic hair mask range. The mask is made with certified organic ingredients, is paraben and sulfate free, not tested on animals and whats perfect for my sister is that it's suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Ingredients consist of: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) oil, Prunus Dulcis (Almond) Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil.  These natural ingredients means the mask is bursting with natural proteins and aims to add;

 "add lustre, strength and shine to any hair type... which will stimulate each and every hair follicle and promote healthy hair growth. Its natural antibacterial properties and nutrients get to work at calming and soothing any dry or flaky areas of your scalp. What's more is when this mask is used over a period of time it can aid in protecting the natural colour pigmentation of your hair and prevent early greys from sprouting!"

My sister and I both shared the product. My hair that is in very good condition, however my sister is the complete opposite. Her hair is quite dull and is always in serious need of TLC but nothing seems to help, so we thought we'd give this a go!

Application of the mask
First, we applied the mask into her hair by rubbing it into our hands and smothering it from roots to the ends. We massaged it into her scalp as it states to help flaky and dry skin - something that she suffers with. The mask was very greasy and it did act as a waterproof mask when we tried washing it off of our hands! We then wrapped her hair in a warm towel - aided by the tumble dryer - and left it to work its magic for an hour. Heather then washed her hair as normal, adding only a touch of conditioner to the ends.

Heather did have to repeat the shampoo and rinse process a few times before all of the product was out of her hair and she was worried it wouldn't work and only leave her hair looking more greasy. However, after drying it, her hair look much improved! It was definitely shiner and less frizzy and damaged as it had the day before. She will definitely be using it again as it's the only thing we have found to help for a long time! - plus it's all natural ingredients and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

Giveaway Competition Time!
Old Wives Tail are currently running a giveaway competition to raise awareness of cruelty free activity within the beauty industry as well giving readers the opportunity to win Old Wives Tail products!
Here's what you have to do:
[  ] Comment on any post or video Old Wives Tail has across their social media pages with the hashtag '#CrueltyFree'
[  ] You will instantly be put into a free draw to win two hair oils of your choice!
[  ] This can be done via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+ Pages
Winner will be announced November 1st 2014 and will be contacted directly.

Price: 3 STARS There are cheaper hair treatments on the high street and even the cheapest oil treatment at £14.99 is a bit expensive for my sister and I, however if it's a treat - there can't be any harm to the purse strings.

Promises: 4 STARS My sister suffers with very dull and lifeless hair and we could see the difference instantly. I think it would take a few uses to ensure the results are more long term as it's in a bad state but the smells were amazing and we could definitely see a difference.

Ease of Application: 4 STARS The treatment was very different to applying our usual shampoo and conditioner, and although it was greasy, it wasn't hard to apply.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: YES Organic hair treatments are ideal for the hair due to their natural originals and ingredients. I think everyone needs to try an organic hair treatment at least one and they will see the difference - plus, OWT is against animal testing and donates 10% of their profits to help protecting animals against such activity - what's to say no to?!

What do you think about OWT products? Have you tried any of their products or have you only just discovered the brand?

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Friday, 22 August 2014

My Thankyou, courtesy of Cadbury Gifts Direct

I was kindly contacted by Cadbury Gifts Direct with the chance to thank those who have supported me throughout my University studies with gifts of chocolate! I was generously given the opportunity to choose from various hampers from their collection of Graduation Gifts which range from £6.50 to £50, perfect for all budgets!
I chose the 'Sharing Hamper' priced at £30 and you can see why!

"An amazing 'thank you' chocolate gift full of all your Cadbury Chocolate'
Sharing Hamper - £30
Containing: 1 x 200g Milk Tray, 1 x 187g Roses Carton, 1 x 420g Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs, 1 x 130g Cadbury Chocolate Popcorn, 1 x 111g Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-ups, 1 x 90g Dairy Milk Bubbly Bar, 1 x 120g Dairy Milk with Daim, 1 x 120g Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel, 1 x Cadbury Treasure Box: 1 x Dairy Milk Bar, 1 x Dairy Milk Whole Nut, 1 x Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy, 1 x small Dairy Milk, 1 x  small Dairy Milk Caramel, 1 x Crunchie, 1 x Flake, 1 x Curly Wurly, 1 x Wispa, 1 x Double Decker, 1 x Fudge, 1 x Treatsize Twirl, 1 x Chomp, 1 x Freddo Caramel, 1 x Treatsize Buttons Bag. 

When my hamper arrived, it was in a purple box - Cadbury's classic colour, it looked so regal. Inside, the contents were packed firmly together, coated with a layer of foam pieces, purple and glitter paper pieces and a card addressed to me! There was soo much crammed into the box it felt like a never ending supply! I loved the Cadbury Treasure Box and although I was excited, I felt awful opening it as it was perfect and small and I didn't want to ruin it.

Even though I love chocolate, it wasn't for me - it was for those who have helped and supported me throughout my three years of study at University. No doubt. there have been a handful of people that have been there and supported me every step of the way; family, friends, work colleagues and lecturers, they all got something, but here's the main and why;

The Best Friend; Sophia
Sophia's gift consisted of the Milk Tray and Dairy, Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-ups and Milk Bubbly Bar.
Sophia and I met in our first year at University however only started to get to know eachother properly at the end of our 2nd year. We're both bloggers and we both share the same mindset - work now, play later; driven to achieve the best which is why we get on so well!

We were on the same course and therefore shared the same anxiety and stress over the same assignments, exams and individual Dissertations! Sophia and I were regular visitors to the library on our days off, evenings and late nights and were study-buddies during the exam period. I just wanted to say thankyou for being a great and true friend throughout one of the hardest years, sharing the stress, anxiety and demands of University life and making me laugh when I wanted to cry.

Mum and Dad
Dad has a very keen eye for Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs, so that was the easiest decision made of what he would get! Mum on the other hand was a bit more tricky as she pretty much eats anything! In the end I gave them both a selection of the little goodies left which included Cadbury Buttons, Double Decker, Dairy Milk Caramel Bar and the small Dairy Milk Bar.

No matter what we say, our parents always know best. Fortunately I learnt this before starting University and therefore learnt to take good advice when I heard it! Without my parents, I wouldn't of had the confidence to have carried on with my studies - 1 year into my course, I felt like dropping out and if it wasn't their advice and support, I wouldn't have graduated with a 2:1.

They have also put up with a lot (and when I say a lot I mean it), blood, sweat and tears when it came to my Dissertation, assignments and final exams, even though when they said "It will be okay" and I really didn't feel it would be at the time!

Most of all, I wanted to say thankyou for not putting me under adverse pressure. We all feel pressure to perform and achieve the best grade and qualification possible and  my parents have always made it clear that they want me to achieve the best I can and regardless of what I was aiming for, they made it very clear they were proud no matter what - that was the best feeling
Work Colleagues
I did treat my good old friends and colleagues at work to a few treats! I bought in the box of Roses and shared between my Sunday team - a team that have listened to me go on about my Dissertation and make me smile when I was exhausted form late nights at the library!

Lastly, I've never had Cadbury Chocolate Popcorn before and I'm glad I kept them in particular to myself - just a little thankyou and well done.
Cadbury Chocolate Popcorn
I loved my Sharing Hamper from Cadbury Gifts Direct! It's such a great way to say thankyou and their gifts range for every occasion and perfect for various budgets! I'll definitely be ordering from them in the future when I want to make a statement with chocolate! 

What do you think about it? Would you consider buying one for a special someone or a special occasion?

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant | Confidence |

When hunting around for my graduation dress and outfits to wear throughout Summer, I was worried I'd get hot in the July sun throughout the ceremony. My good friend, Sophia Meola recommended me Sure Maximum Protection 'Confidence' deodorant. Let's admit it, we have all had sweat patches and we all worry about them, so let's see if this will help us wipeout the wet patches!

"Scientifically proven wetness protection"
Front of the packaging
Back of the packaging
The box is white and you can distinguish the type of deodorant by the colour used on the front which is handy if there's a few different one son the shelf. There's not much on the front of the packaging, just the basics that you need to know; it's scientifically proven wetness protection, 48 hour protection and that it's dermatologically tested.

The back of the packaging has a bit more information on it but not much. I think this is a good thing as you don't want to be bombarded with lots of info that is no use to you! Listed are the ingredients, legal logos and also states a few more points about the products' positive aspects.

The deodorant fits into the packaging really well, leaving very little wasted space and an approximate size of the deodorant is outlined on the side of the packaging. The oval shape makes it really easy to hold and apply unlike others I've used which slip and are tricky to use whilst holding in one hand. The deodorant is applied by twisting the bottom where it presses up onto holes and is dispersed ready for underarm protection.
Packagaing and the deodorant
What's it like?
Sure recommend you use it the day before so that the TRIsolid formula has a chance to build a strong level of protection so that it lasts the following day, even after showering. Sure also state that you can use it the following morning and as I'm used to using a deodorant in the morning so getting into a routine of using it the night before was hard! To be honest, I didn't have high hopes for something that claimed to basically stop you from sweating..

I did get into a routine and although I was dubious about it working from the night all the way through to the following day, it did work! We all worry that we have sweat patches and lets be honest, we have all had them, and that's why I was so impressed with Sure's Maximum Protection 'Confidence' deodorant. After the first time using it I knew I had nothing to worry about. I won't be using it everyday due to the price tag, but it will be used when I have important days and nights out!
Price: 3 STARS £5.29 Compared to my usual deodorant; Dove, it is a bit pricey. However, I wouldn't be using it everyday and therefore it would last longer!

Promises: 5 STARS It kept me dry all day, no wet marks and I felt confident that I wouldn't be worrying all day.

Ease of Use: 5 STARS All you have to do is twist, the deodorant slowly pops up and rolls on smooth like my previous deodorants.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: YES This was so easy to use. It kept me dry all day, smelt really nice and best of all - gave me confidence for the times that mattered most.
Have you used this before? Did it live up to your expectations or have you used a different type of deodorant from the range by Sure?

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Friday, 8 August 2014

| Think Pink | Nail Paint by Barry M

Nail Paint by Barry M
Recently I posted about Barry M's nail paint in BIRTHDAY. As my graduation was nearing, I purchased a few more pink shades to match my dress and to wear to recent events and thought I'd share my thoughts with you!
Left to Right: Pink Sapphire Glitter , Silk Blossom , Gelly Hi-Shine Dragon Fruit
Barry M have a wide selection of nail polishes in a variety of different textures - I was spoiled for choice! The bottles are square which makes them easy to hold and the different colour tops make it easy to distinguish which shade is what texture! Out of the three, I was pleasantly surprised by two, but one left me very disappointed considering my expectations. Overall, all three were easy to apply and remove, here are my verdicts!
Pink Sapphire Glitter (£2.99)
A clear polish filled with pink and silver sequins, glitter and sparkles. It instantly caught my eye because it can be used to jazz up a basic polish! Again, compared to my Birthday Nail Polish post, I was disappointed with the brush - when I opened the bottle the brush was sprayed apart which was a bit annoying however regardless of this is was still okay to apply. I had to use two coats but I didn't mind this as you can build up your desired look yourself. I love using it on my basic pink polishes!
Blossom (£3.99)
Part of the silk collection. I wouldn't completely agree with this though as when I applied it it wasn't exactly silky and therefore I had to add a clear top coat when I wasn't really expecting to. The polish went on very well and the colour was exactly the same as the bottle - not too Barbie Pink and not too light that it's streaky! I used two coats and it lasted 2 days in immaculate condition which is good going considering I was moving stock around, on the tills, typing and doing all of the day to day things!
Dragon Fruit (£3.99)
I would describe this as a Barbie pink and is part of the Gelly Hi-Shine collection which boasts a "hard wearing formula". I was really impressed with the finish of this polish; it was extremely shiny and definitely lived up to the gel expectation - so much that there was no need to add a top coat, however this is where the positives end. I was very disappointed with the durability of this polish. The slight knock that my nails took meant that polish would chip off everywhere - not impressed!
Pink Sapphire Glitter polish £2.99 - 4 STARS  I can use this over everything!
Silk Blossom polish £3.99 4 STARS This was reasonable considering it was just the colour I wanted!
Gelly Hi-Shine Dragon Fruit £3.99 - 2 STARS I begrudge paying this for something that lasts barely a few hours.

Pink Sapphire Glitter polish - 5 STARS It was just what I expected.
Silk Blossom polish - 4 STARS Wasn't as silky as I expected.
Gelly Hi-Shine Dragon Fruit - 1 STAR This was the worst - "hard wearing formula" - I beg to differ. 

Ease of Application: 4 STARS The polishes didn't go gloopy and considering the brush incident - the application was okay!

Would I Recommend a Friend?: Maybe I wasn't happy with the overall look or quality of the Gelly Hi-Shine polish and therefore I would probably stick with other brands that I have had more positive experiences with or just stick with other textures by Barry M.

Have you used any of these? How did you find them - did you get on with them or have the same experience as me?

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