Thursday, 27 March 2014

Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver Review

If you have ever met me, I very rarely, if not at all, do anything with my hair. When I was younger I used to a bit more adventurous, including dyeing, straightening, crimping, feathering and layers. However I haven't dyed it since I was 17 and I very rarely straighten it anymore as it's pretty much naturally straight and therefore refraining from neglecting my hair has left it lovely long, thick and healthy. I love it.

Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver
When Everyday Hair Just Isn't Enough

I own Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers and although there's a lot of hype around them, I don't get on with them as much as I'd like- which is purely down to my inexperience to be honest! However, since being introduced to the brand, the Amplify Jumbo Waver has caught my eye. I think it must be something to do with the fact they reminded me of a huge crimper which I loved using when I was much younger but at £60 I was a bit reluctant to shell out and have the risk of being disappointed either by my inexperience or the fact that they might not set in my dead straight hair!

 The Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver comes with a three year guarantee which you need to activate. You can do this by registering the product when you've bought it only at It also comes with a 'Love it or your money back' guarantee which I think is a great way to promote a great product as it gives you peace of mind, but you won't be disappointed!

If you've ever seen or opened any Enrapture products, you will know the amazing and decadent packaging that houses the products. The Amplify Jumbo Waver was packaged in a purple, metallic, rectangular box, embossed with the Enrapture logo on the front. When I opened the box, the waver was housed in a gold cardboard fitting to secure it inside which really complemented the purple as well as giving it a real high end feeling for what I paid.

The waver is of considerable size, larger than my hand and yes, it can be quite hard to handle and operate, but don't be put off! Once you get the hand of it it's okay and manageable! So here are the features that caught my eye!

 The Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver comes with a three year guarantee which you need to activate. You can do this by registering the product when you've bought it only at It also comes with a 'Love it or your money back' guarantee which I think is a great way to promote a great product as it gives you peace of mind, but you won't be disappointed!
The waver has an adjustable temperature dial which I LOVE! My old Remmington straighteners had this and when I bought a new brand they didn't have it :( It gives you the option to set it at whatever you like without being restricted to 3 or 5. this is definitely something that is a major feature for me!

The handle is easy grip, matt black and embossed with the Enrapture name, giving it a really professional look! What I love, similar to my old straighteners is that the waver comes equipped with a locking ring for storage which is handy because it's quite big.

I've seen a few reviews where the sprung marcel handle flipper hasn't lived up to expectations. It's quite a small flipper and I personally don't find it hard to operate regarding size and weight, but if you're new to these kind of styling products then you might find that you need to get used to it before you master your perfect way of styling!

The barrels are larger than most that I have seen on the market which create slightly bigger crimped effect. These larger barrels create big 'S' waves that are instant and long lasting. This is because of the titanium plate technology. The polished titanium plates prevent snagging, heat up super fast and also have a fast heat recovery. The tips on the end of the barrels are described as 'cool tips' however when styling my hair and resting a finger or two on them whilst holding it in place, I did find it particularly hot, so be aware of that as it can take you by surprise!

The 3 meter swivel cord is great for when you're moving it around your head whilst styling. It's especially great for those like me who style in-front of a mirror that's a meter or two away from a socket!
The Amplify Jumbo Waver comes equipped with an Enrapture heat proof mat. The heat proof mat can be zipped up to encase the waver whilst travelling or storing as well as being unzipped to act as a heat proof mat anywhere at any time!
This is 1 hour after I had finished styling my hair with the Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver. I hate dragging down my hair with loads of product and therefore I didn't add any products such as dry shampoo or hairspray etc. before or after styling. I went to University like it at 10am and came home at 5pm and the waves were still considerably visible! I am very impressed with the results and am happy that I decided to invest in it! It livens up straight hair with beachy waves, just ready in time for Spring Summer 2014! I will definitely be taking it on holiday with me this year!

Price; 4 STARS £60 is a lot of money for me, especially when sceptical about a product, but compared to the £30 I paid I am very impressed and feel that £30 is worth it. However even though I am aware of the fantastic results that the Amplify Jumbo Waver can create, I'm still not sure if I would have paid £60.

Promises; 5 STARS The waves stayed in all day! Their slogan; "when everyday hair isn't enough" is perfect! I am soo pleased that my dull straight hair can now be transformed! 

Ease of Use; 3 STARS The waver is pretty big and a lot of bloggers find it hard to use because of the size. At first I was a bit daunted but once you've taking into account the size whilst styling, it's manageable. 

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; YES I love this waver. I haven't used anything similar so I can't compare but my waves stayed in all day and it has given me the opportunity to transform my hair into something pretty and different from my day to day plain Jane.


Monday, 10 March 2014

Olympus VN-711PC Dictaphone | Review

In order to complete my Dissertation unit to a high standard for my final year at University, I needed to purchase a Dictaphone. I researched various Dictaphone's on the internet; comparing prices, features and customer reviews/comments and finally decided on the one I wanted, the Olympus VN-711PC.

I've been using the device since Christmas for leisure and professional purposes and think that it's time for me to share with you my thoughts and comments on the dictation device in the hope it may inspire/help you! Just a note: Dictaphone's are exempt from the 30 day money back guarantee.

Olympus VN-711PC
"Digital voice recorder ... Low Noise and Clear Sound"
Argos; £39.99 December 2013
The Dictaphone came packaged in a small neat box. It was easy to unbox and box back up again, making it quick and easy to test and pop away again! The instruction booklet, USB cable and batteries are neatly stored and packaged in the box so it's not extremely fiddly when trying to fit everything back in when packing it all away again! 

I was very surprised at the weight and size of the device - it's surprisingly light at 71grams and pocket size with dimensions of H 10.8, W 3.9 AND D 1.68 cm. The rectangle shape makes it easy to hold and operate at the same time - essential when you're recording something important and when the dictation device is the only equipment you're relying on!
The device boasts a recording time of over 800 hours and a battery life of over 70 hours. It requires 2 X AAA batteries which are INCLUDED. What comes with batteries these days? Wow. I used the device a number of times and the battery indicator didn't even move. I am confident that I could use it in very important situations and not worry about it dying unexpectedly!  The device also comes with a manufacturers guarantee of 2 years.

One of the features that sold the Dictaphone for me was the fact that the high speed USB connection allows the files to be transferred and played back onto the PC, which other devices do not feature. The USB cable is quite short but it's really simple to transfer them over and store on a PC! There are various recording modes although even when a specific mode isn't seleceted, it still works very well! I do recommend you play around with it before using it to find the best mode that suits you.
The device has a useful stand that snaps out on the back. This feature helps the quality of the recordings as it directs the microphone into the air rather than being flat against a desk or book. There are 5 folders, A-E which allows easy storage and arrangement of your recordings. The recordings feature a slow/fast playback - a great feature for when you're writing up notes or getting to the part you need.

The device features a low-noise microphone which helps reduce low level noise. The sound quality is amazing! When playing my recordings back, the quietest of sounds were picked up! Even when I had a very quiet recording (which was no issue of the Dictaphone), I could still hear and transcribe what was said which I was soo relieved with! Other little features include the option of adjusting the font size; small or large and there are 12 languages to choose from, making it a great tool for students around the world.

In comparison with other Dictaphone's that were on my short list, I am soo happy I purchased this one! I am confident that it's given me an advantage in my work with a look of professionalism and quality of recordings for transcripts etc. 
Price; 5 STARS After researching devices with similar features, it's apparent you can pay much more than what I paid! I am very happy with what I got for my money!

Promises; 5 STARS Low noise, clear sound. The sound is very clear - great for playing back and typing up recordings! I haven't had any trouble with using the device or trouble listening to the recordings, even when they're ultra quiet!

Ease of Use; 5 STARS The diagrams are very clear - explaining all the buttons and functions making it quick and easy to setup and start using! When using the device in professional situations, it was very easy to use - no fiddly buttons.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; YES Even though the Olympus VN-711PC is the only Dictaphone I have used, there isn't anything I can fault with it. The recording quality is great, very easy to use and understand - making it great for leisure and professional uses.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

SPRING 14 | Miss Selfridge Pale Pink Mini Bag

The weather has been far from great lately and with Spring soon approaching, we all need a little lift! A couple of weeks ago I was browsing Miss Selfridge's online Valentine's Day Looks and came across a bang on trend handbag - the Pale Pink Mini Bag.

Miss Selfridge Pale Pink Mini Bag
Pale Pink Mini Bag - £29.00
I originally saw the bag online and as I hadn't seen it 'in the flesh' in store, I was reluctant to order in case it wasn't what I expected but when I opened my package I was pleasantly surprised! The bag is faux leather and therefore made of 100% Polyurethane. The colour was exactly what it looked like in the pictures online - pale pink, a pastel pink, bang on trend for Spring 2014 and perfect for a girly girl like me!

I was a little worried that I wouldn't get on with the size as compared to my current handbags it is relatively smaller, measuring 10"L x 8.5"H x 5.5"W but the dainty and sophisticated look of it is bang on trend and totally workable! The bag is fully lined with matching pink lining inside, where I can fit my daily essentials very comfortably in it: my large purse, mobile phone, car keys, hair brush and emergency makeup bits and bobs. All this is made very easy by the mobile phone and zip up pouch.

The design of the bag is very simple but screams sophistication! The grey trim and simple gold detail for the zip, strap loops, strap fasteners and detail on the front adds to the aesthetics of the bag, keeping the focus on the colour and classic feminine look.
The straps are smaller than my usual handbags, but I actually prefer this. When holding it, it doesn't feel like it's drifting near the floor and to me this feels more comfortable - especially from a security point of view where larger bags can be easily snatched! You can't pop the bag on your shoulder with the small straps, however the mini bag comes equipped with a detachable, longer and adjustable strap which can allow the wearer to wear across the body or on the shoulder. I like this addition as it gives the bag more versatility, however I wouldn't use it as I much prefer holding my bag in my hands :)

Leading on from a security point of view, I am easily drawn to bags with a zip fastener. This feature is definitely a major feature for me and made me fall in love with it even more. I am not too keen on bags with flaps or magnetic lock fastens as they're easy for pick pockets to open/dip their fingers into!

I am in love with this bag from Miss Selfridge and it has now become a statement piece in my Spring 2014 wardrobe!
Price; 4 STARS The Pale Pink Mini Bag is priced at £29, although when I purchased it, I used a promotional code for 20% off as well as partial payment of a giftcard. I personally wouldn't pay £29 - only if I could bag a bargain discount!

Promises; 5 STARS This bag is perfect for Spring Summer 2014! The colour is bang on trend and it scream sophistication and femininity. 

Ease of Use;  5 STARS Even though the bag and straps are smaller than my usual handbags, I can fit my daily essentials in there - the size is totally adequate.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; YES This bag is perfect for the girly girl. The size may be smaller compared to the larger bags of recent years, however it has become a statement piece for my Spring Summer 2014 wardrobe. I cannot wait for any excuse to use it!

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