Thursday, 29 May 2014

DIRTY Works: Get Ready for Summer

 I am a bad beauty blogger regarding the use of body butters, scrubs and general skin health but when I saw these two products from the DIRTY Works range on promotion, I couldn't resist and I had a change of heart! I've been using the Ditch the Dimples Sculpting Cellulite Gel and the Glow Girl! Buttery Salt Scrub for a couple of months now to get the best results & I thought I'd share my thought on them and my quest to get Summer Ready!

If you know me, you might be thinking "Why do you need cellulite gel?" - well, everyone gets cellulite, whatever size or shape you are, and I am no exception!
Ditch the Dimples Sculpting Cellulite Gel  200ml £7 & Glow Girl! Buttery Salt Scrub 300ml £4.00
The Sculpting Cellulite Gel is a tube. The tube is really eyecatching; the metallic silver and pink, yellow and blue tones of the logo etc. - it certainly catches your attention on the shelves! The tube is also easy to hold and squeeze making it easy to hold with hands full of gel/product.

The gel has a clinical smell to it to be honest - I'm not a huge fan. It's clear in colour, feels thick but not gloopy and spreads quite well when applied. However, after application it did feel a little bit sticky, however only for about 10 seconds until it dried. I was then able to get dressed no problem!

Although at first it did smell a bit clinical, after application it smelt of the menthol. I'm not a huge fan of this, but if you wear perfume or fragranced moisturisers you won't smell it. It didn't bother me anyway and I didn't feel it throughout the day!

Results on the on the other hand, I didn't see a drastic improvement of my cellulite. I'm not going to say it didn't work but after using it twice a day I can't say it really helped my cellulite drastically.

The Buttery Salt Scrub on the other hand is packaged in a tub. The tub is blue in colour with the identical logo. If you've ever felt what buttercream feels like, this is what the Buttery Salt Scrub feels like! It's a lovely consistency, I love the feeling of the salt and pumice - not too rough but you know it's enough to scrub all the nasties! It smells like the sea - a beautiful smell that I would love to smell in the morning or after a long day at work!

You use the scrub identical to similar products on the high street - massaging into clean, damp skin in circular motions, rinsing off and patting the skin dry. After using this product for a few months and preparing to get Beach Body Summer Ready, my skin feels soo much better in every way! It hardly takes any time to use, it feels smoother, making me feel healthier and it smells great - all perfect to get me and my skin ready for my holiday adventure!

Sculpting Cellulite Gel - 3 STARS £7 - I find that this is quite expensive for my budget and would probably look for a cheaper but similar product.
Buttery Salt Scrub - 5 STARS £4 - This is very reasonable and I would definitely re-purchase this again.

Sculpting Cellulite Gel - 2 STARS - Due to the results, I wouldn't re-purchase this. I'm not saying ti didn't work but I didn't see the results I was expecting.
Buttery Salt Scrub - 5 STARS - I loved the results. My skin was smoother, cleaner and smelt like the sea - perfect to get my skin ready for the beach!

Ease of Application;
Sculpting Cellulite Gel - 3 STARS - Easy to apply- at first felt sticky but was better after application.
Buttery Salt Scrub - 5 STARS - This was really easy to apply. The scrub was thick and hardly added any extra time in the shower.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?;
Sculpting Cellulite Gel - MAYBE - I'm not saying it didn't work, but I didn't see the results I was looking for.
Buttery Salt Scrub - YES - This product will not let you down! I am definitely using this even after my holiday - great value for money and lives up to expectations!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Memory Maker Jar

A couple of months ago I won a giveaway by Gemma at SunshineOnACloudyDay in association with MemoryMakerJars where I was given the opportunity to choose a customized Memory Maker Jar of my choice! 

I've made one myself, but nothing on the scale of those offered by MemoryMakerJars - there are soo many different options to customize the jar to your specific requirements and to make it perfect for the recipient! 

I chose to dedicate the Memory Maker Jar to me, myself, and I. I want to capture the amazing and 'never forget' moments as I graduate from University after 3 long years and venture into the big wide world all on my own.
Memory Maker Jar; £9.95 - Postage and Packaging; £3.20
The jar resembles a Kilner jar; the look and opening. It's very large in size and as you would expect, quite heavy. The glass is really clear and shiny which adds to the pretty affect and idea of the product. The clasp is usable but the metal is quite flimsy for a large jar but it works all the same and I haven't had any problems with it!

When composing my Memory Maker Jar, I was presented with many options to ensure it was customized to my expectations as much as possible. You have to obviously give your basic information; email address, postal address but first, I had to choose what type of memory maker jar I wanted. There are soo many options and varieties that I was spoilt for choice; Birthday's, Holidays, gifts for Mother's and Father's Day, Newborns etc. but in the end I chose the 'Classic' option :)

You're given the option to name the personalised tag for the recipient, date of the birth, birthday, wedding etc. As it was for me, I chose my name and the date that I would graduate, July 2014. You then have to choose the colour of ribbon. As you can see, this sits round the top of the jar and sets the colour scheme of the jar contents. There are more to choose from here than previous options; every colour you can think of from Baby Pink to Royal Blue and what's more impressive is that there are additional option of coloured ribbons with little images and text printed on them like 'Pencils' and Red with 'LOVE' text which is pretty much appropriate for a lot of recipients!

Lastly, I was given the option to add any additional info. I think this is an extremely useful option box. It gives you, the creator, to add any information you feel will be helpful to the creator in order to personalise your product to the best ability and quality possible. I used this option to inform MemoryMakerJars that I was soon graduating from Uni after my 3 years of study and looking forward to the future.

When my personalised memory maker jar arrived, it had to be signed for. I like this as it ensures you receive the product and gives you a bit more piece of mind, especially if you've paid for it yourself. The box was also labelled with a few 'fragile' stickers as it - helping to prevent unnecessary damage.

 The fragile glass jar is quite big and I must say, it was packaged really well! It was wrapped in a lot of bubble wrap for protection and pink tissue paper - matching my pink ribbon request, sat on top. This was the first thing I saw when I opened the box so it was a nice touch! Inside, there was everything you need to start creating the memory maker jar; instructions, a pretty business card and a wad of pink, red and white coloured card tied with a pencil. This also means you can create and use your own card if you wanted.

I definitely want to look into getting my little niece one of these! I live a couple of hours drive away from her and it would be lovely to see what she comes up with in a year!
Price; 4 STARS £9.95I won this memory maker jar. At just under £10 it's a good present! It's a great personalised product, not too cheap and not too expensive! Postage and packaging is an extra £3.20, which i think should be included in the overall price so it doesn't confuse people.

Ease of Use; 5 STARS The memory maker jar is really easy to use. The instructions make it extra clear and as it comes with everything already, you're all set to start ASAP!

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; YES If you put your mind to it, you could probably use the concept and create your own, but if you wanted it ready made professionally, this is a great product by MemoryMakerJars. There are a lot of options to create a memory maker jar specifically for you.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

I've blogged about Breakthrough Breast Cancer before and since they have a new campaign running, I thought I'd share the details with you!

If we haven't been personally affected by cancer, we all know someone that has.
The campaign aims to help raise vital funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer who have now launched  thworld-famous Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign in the UK which is focused on empowering women to make a difference, Wear your Support and help stop people getting and dying from breast cancer. There are several ways you can get involved and help towards the campaign so here we go!

Shop now for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer #WearYourSupport
There are various brands who have launched exclusive pieces for this years campaign; Marks & Spencer, River Island, Warehouse, TopShop, Laura Ashley, Debenhams and Superga etc! All the pieces carry a minimum 30% donation! Below are a few pieces I am in love with!

Superga Begonia Superga 2750

Superga Begonia Superga 2750 - RRP £45.00
30% donation
Available in Office Stores nationwide and online at 
 How bang on trend are these for Spring/Summer 2014?! Perfect to match all the pink bits in my wardrobe and to make a statement whilst out and about!

Warehouse Floral Two Tone Shorts and Floral Two Tone Top

Warehouse Floral Two Tone Top - RRP £30.00
30% donation
Available in Warehouse Stores and online at 
Warehouse Floral Two Tone Shorts - RRP £32.00
30% donation
Available in Warehouse Stores and online at 
These 2 pieces would look FAB on holiday with a tan! Perfect of the summer and definitely an outfit fit for lunch with the girls or a pretty day out with the boyf! I definitely want this set in my wardrobe ASAP!

M&S FashionTargets Breast Cancer Lip Balm (10g)
M&S Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Lip Balm - RRP £3
100% donation
This cute pocket sized Lip Balm by Marks  Spencer is the ultimate girly cosmetic needed in every handbag this Spring Summer! Plus, it's a 100% donation! Love Love Love. There is no excuse for any of us not to love this!

LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosie Fortescue, Deanne Oliver-Evans, Antonia O'Brien, Lilah Parsons, Eunice Olumide 
These gorgeous ladies are just 5 of the celebrity ambassadors of this years campaign - including Rosie Frotescue from E4's Made in Chelsea! They are all wearing River Island bracelets available in pink, white, and black at a RRP of £2. These pretty pieces also carry a 100% donation!

The image is natural and yet striking, speaking a thousand words - empowering women to fight against breast cancer, whilst incorporating the element of this years fashion aspect of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer with the bracelets. Simple yet powerful.

We all love a bit of social media don't we? So there's no excuse here!
- TWEET: @FashionTargets
- Get involved by using the hashtag #WearYourSupport
- INSTAGRAM: FashionTargetsBreastCancer

Are you doing anything to support Breakthrough and their campaign of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer?


Monday, 12 May 2014

BaByliss Boutique Smooth Ceramic 235 Straighteners

After about 5 years, my straighteners died on me :( It was a very sad moment as they were soo good and limited edition! So, I guess the time had come to purchase some new ones, but there is soo many different types and models on the market I was spoiled for choice, but I finally made a decision - but what is the right one?

Everyone has different desirable features of straighteners. I personally have to have variable temperature setting, multi-voltage for worldwide use and also on and off buttons and indicator light. I chose these straighteners mainly because of these features, but other little bits caught my eye too!

My last straighteners had a variable temperature dial which I LOVED. It was one feature I have always looked out for and although the BaByliss Smooth Ceramic 235 straighteners only have 3 settings, it'll do. That aside, it does have separate on and off switches AND an indicator light which is good so I don't forget they're on and burn myself! Talking of burning, the straighteners heat up in 15 seconds. This is quite fast considering comparisons with others, although this feature doesn't really matter to me! What does matter is the auto-shut off. Although ti doesn't apply to me, this is definitely a great idea for those who forget their styling products are on!
The straighteners are gloss black. The ceramic plates are gold and so is the embossed BaByliss logo. They come with a 5 year guarantee which I was really impressed with as many others are given less. 
 The straightener has a 3 meter swivel cord, making styling away from a socket easier and less hassle! They are rounded housing so you can also curl your hair too, but I don't curl my hair so that's not anything that really wowed me! What is missing for me though is a locking feature to keep them stored away easier and neater. This isn't a major feature, but it would have been nice, although because they're quite small and anyway it shouldn't matter too much.

Similar to many other straighteners on the market, the BaByliss Smooth Ceramic 235 straighteners come with a heat proof mat. It's not the most amazing heat proof mat I've ever encountered, but it's heat proof none the less.

Now, performance. A lot of the reviews online mentioned them being "as good as GHD's" I can't comment on this as I have never used GHD's but this must be a good comparison right? They do straighten my hair and the design, features and ease of use is great so I cannot complain!
Price; 4 STARS £27.99 is pretty good considering what else is on the market. It all depends what features you're looking for!

Promises; 5 STARS The BaByliss Smooth Ceramic 235 straighteners do exactly what they say. The ceramic plates give a smooth, shiny finish and heat up ultra fast!

Ease of Use; 5 STARS The 3 meter swivel cord makes styling away from a socket really easy. They're light and with a 15 second heat up time you can style your hair even when you're running late!

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; MAYBE If the features I've described catch you're eye, then the BaByliss Smooth Ceramic 235 Straighteners are the one for you but compare a few online before making a decision as there is so much choice on the market!

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