Ben and Charlie

Meet Ben and Charlie

My two dogs are a big part in my life, so why not share them on my blog? 

Ben and Charlie are my two dogs, but to me they're family - I love them so much. Some people have certain preferences and are specifically suited to certain things and after having cats, dogs and hamsters, I've learnt I am definitely a dog person and dog lover!
Ben is a German Shepherd and Charlie is an English Worker Yorkshire Terrier.
Ben was first introduced to the family on October 29th 2009. We had a German Shepherd before called Max and unfortunately after 13 years which is a LONG time for a GS to live, he passed away of old age. I grew up with him since I was 4 and have grown to love German Shepherd's along with my  family ever since. They're so friendly, loyal and very intelligent and that's why we wanted another, and so Ben became part of the family.

After long deliberation with my parents, mum and I decided to buy Ben a little friend because he was lonely. We stumbled across an advert for English Worker Yorkshire Terriers and I fell in love with them instantly. When we went to view the little puppies, Charlie was the first one to lick my mum and that's the reason she chose him- a friendly little thing on the 9th December 2011.

He isn't the regular Yorkie you'd see tottering on the high street, but he's beautiful and very intelligent! He has such an amazing character, his personality shines through every day and he is so friendly with children - a perfect family dog.
Dogs are such intelligent animals. Whenever I am upset or ill, they know. Their faces and body language says it all - the whining, the eyes and the laying next to you silently. I don't know what I would do if Ben and Charlie didn't make me laugh everyday. Beautiful.

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