Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Lazy but Comfy OOTD

Today's OOTD is a bit different to the usual posts I see because it features pajamas!

Now, I'm not saying I went out in these today (well, I do if I make a late night trip to McDonald's), but when you're feeling under the weather, tired and not yourself, sometimes a day in your comfy PJ's is just what the doctor ordered. 

These are my favourite pajamas. I bought them a few weeks ago from Primark in the sale, half price at £5 - what a bargain! To be honest it wasn't the price that interested me, it was the design - it's Disney's Mickey and Minnie, so of course I had to have them!!

The set consists of long printed bottoms with a short sleeved printed t shirt. The bottoms are elasticated so they're ultra comfy to wear in bed and are decorated with Mickey's face printed in white all over them. The t shirt is grey and is decorated with a sailor Mickey and Minnie and the text "Love Me, love Me Knot"

I wish it was acceptable to wear these to work. How cool would that be?!

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