Friday, 8 March 2013

Freederm Overnight Clearing Serum --REVIEW--

I recently purchased the NEW Freederm Overnight Clearing Serum from Superdrug last weekend. I've been using various Freederm products for a while now and I have faith in them.. but I was also excited to try this new overnight clearing serum, especially as I couldn't resist due to Superdrug having 3 for 2 on all Clearasil and Freederm products and plus I could use my student NUS card to save more! .. so I obviously stocked up :-D
I also purchased my usual Sensitive Facial Wash, Fast Track Gel and the normal Gel.

I have followed the directions as stated on the product and this is how it went..
In the morning, I cleanse my face and use the Sensitive Facial Wash. I then apply the gel and apply my daily Nivea moisturiser followed by my makeup. When it comes to removing my makeup at night, I take it off using regular makeup wipes as soap KILLS my skin - it makes it so dry and hurts. I then cleanse my face and apply the gel again. Once this has dried, I apply the overnight clearing serum on my neck and stroke lightly in upward strokes across my face; cheeks, chin and forehead.

It claims to help reduce spot size, redness and also help restore healthy skin texture of the face.
the serum is light and rubs in really easily! Didn't feel too creamy and didn't irritate my skin at all. To be honest, as soon as the serum had dried on my face, I could feel a difference - as if my skin had been plastered with a smooth layer of skin on top! In the morning, my face didn't feel groggy or oily and my parents also noticed a difference so it must have done something!

As I have been under a lot of different stresses these past weeks such as my Uncle passing away, a funeral to help my mum with and the usual university stress, it's no surprise that I have had a huge breakout of spots on my cheeks recently. But honestly, this serum has helped my skin, I am under no doubt or illusion of that!

Price; Approx. £6.50 for 50ml: 4 STARS Affordable, plus you can use your student cards to get 10% off in Superdrug stores.. and I always take advantage of offers when they're on on these products!

Promises; Reduces spot size, redness and restores healthy skin texture: 4 STARS Definitely improved my inflamed spots. They were lumpy, red and clustered together. After a few days they had decreased in size and were much more manageable.

Ease of Application; Light upward strokes: 5 STARS Very easy to apply, like applying moisturiser. Wasn't sticky and absorbed into my skin really easily!

Would I recommend to a friend?; YES I have already recommended Freederm products to my friends and family as It's all worked for me and helped aid the recovery of my spots nd help keep my skin healthy.


  1. I've never tried any Freederm products but I've heard really good things about them x

    1. I love them! It seems as my spots appear when I'm stressed too, which I can't help, but they control them really well and give me loads of confidence when I have my makeup on :) I always buy them when there's a promo :) x

  2. ooooh - worth a try I think :)

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  3. I would like to get something like this for my daughter. She is in the awkward phase of life where she has a few more spots than she would like. I will check to see if it is available in the US.


  4. I've recently purchased this freederm product and my skin is feeling very smooth and soft however I still have red patches on my nose! I really hope this product will eventually get rid of it. Definitely worth purchasing.

    1. Thanks :) My skin was in really bad condition before I started using Freederm, but since using it everyday it's improved! It did take a while though because of the condition my skin was in and I suffer a lot from stress so that didn't help either!


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