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Freederm Routine

I've mentioned before that I have quite bad skin. This is due to my age, the fact I'm not a lucky pretty girl and plus I suffer a lot with anxiety and stress - a major contributor. Therefore I am very image aware of what I look like to others. I've blogged before about Freederm and so I decided to mention all the products I use regularly that help reduce redness, spot size and help prevent spots in general.
Freederm Products - Sensitive Facial Wash, Overnight Clearing Serum, Fast Track Gel, Gel
Sensitive Facial Wash - 150ml
 "..Gentle deep pore cleansing action to combat excess oil.."
The Facial Wash is available as an exfoliating facial wash and a sensitive facial wash which is what I use due to my skin being sensitive to pretty much anything!
Freederm states that if you have dry skin this product should be used in conjunction with a good moisturiser to help prevent your skin becoming dry.
I use this every morning at the start of my make-up routine. I apply it to a wet face and massage it into my skin with small circular movements, rinse off with warm water and pat my face dry. I don't start to apply my makeup straight away as I personally like my skin to settle a bit. It doesn't have a distinct smell even though the liquid is pink. It's quite easy to apply and massages well into a light foam. I wouldn't recommend using the facial wash morning and night as it may be too intense for your skin and could cause too much irritation and distress for the skin.
Overnight Clearing Serum - 50ml
"..Helps to reduce spot size and restore healthy skin texture while visibly reducing redness.. works while you sleep"
The Overnight Clearing Serum is a pretty new product from Freederm and I blogged about it when it first came onto the beauty scene CLICK HERE. I use it when I go to bed as it works while you sleep so all you need to do is get your beauty sleep, literally. The pump is pretty cool, different to the tubes of gel. The serum is white and pretty thick which is good so you can spread it onto the affected areas but doesn't particularly smell of anything. Freederm advise that the gel is spread over the face and throat with light upward strokes which is okay with my right hand, but with my left it's a bit tricky because of the angle..
After the application I can feel a thin layer on my face, as if my skin has had a new layer of skin applied! The serum isn't heavy meaning that it doesn't make my skin feel groggy and thick- icky when you get up in the morning! It doesn't rub off onto the pillow either as I'm always worrying if my bed sheets get ruined with my spot treatments.
 Gel - 10g / Fast Track Gel -  25g
 "..for the treatment of mild to moderate inflamed acne spots and pimples.. rapid action formula to visibly reduce redness and spot size"
These gels are very similar in what they claim to do. I use the simple gel after cleansing my face and before applying my moisturiser to help aid little spots and if I'm going out anywhere important I will use the Fast Track Gel. The gel's are a thick creamy colour and as a thin layer is only needed, it lasts quite well! It smells a bit clinical, but then again if it helps my spots I don't really care. Freederm claim that the Fast Track Gel works within 3 hours which I would agree with on smaller spots. Angry spots need more time and a lot more care.

Because they're both small tubes, I find they can be used quite quickly, although I find cutting the tube open means you can get loads more from the bottom!
Price; 4 STARS Freederm is an affordable spot treatment range. Every now and then there are promotions and offers that you can benefit from as well as use with a student card in particular drugstores. The products last a while too so no bulk buying every other week!

Promises; 4 STARS My spots reduce in size and redness, so it does work! It also gives you a comfort that something will help and you're not just waiting for flared spots to die away. More angry spots will need a harsher treatment though and longer to clear up, obviously. Try a bit of Sudacrem.

Ease of Use; 5 STARS Each treatment requires a different technique of application, but the various products shown are clear and really easy to follow.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?;YES I think everyone should try Freederm. It's worth a try and one product of the Freederm range is bound to suit you, whether it's the fast track gel or sensitive facial wash!


  1. Wow great post! I've heard such good things about freederm! :) xx


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