Monday, 24 June 2013

Garnier Moisture Match - Wake Me Up -

After using Garnier's Moisture Match Shine Be Gone, I was pleasantly surprised and when the  products were on promotion again I decided to try Garnier's Moisture Match Wake Me Up. All Garnier Moisture Match moisturisers are designed with specific textures and ingredients that are tailored especially to match your skins needs - so there will be one that appeals to you!
"With a fresh-faced look your skin is ready for the day ahead. You can feel the difference"
Original Price - £5.99 Promo Purchase Price - £2.99 - 50ml

My skin will be dry one minute and look oily an hour or two later - combination skin. Garnier's Wake Me Up moisturiser is a Revitalising Hydrating Gel to help Dull Skin and is "Fast absorbing - Oil free and is suitable for sensitive skin." so it ticks all the right boxes appropriate for my skin!
Yellow Orange Packaging
The box is a yellow orange colour, symbolising the sun and a summer glow - just what the moisturiser promises - to wake you up like the sunshine. Also, as I pointed out on my Garnier Moisture Match Shine Be Gone post, the different colours for each variation makes it really easy to identify your preferred one. Plus they look really neat and prominent on the shelves. So a big thumbs up for the design and colour coordination of the packaging.  
Garnier Moisture Match Wake Me Up Swatch Sample

The moisturiser is enriched with citrus extracts so I can't describe it any other than smelling of orange and fruits! Garnier enrich this moisturiser with citrus extracts because they're "well known for their stimulating properties... boosts your skin radiance and leaves it looking revitalised". It does look like a gel and the consistency reminds me of a face mask but without the stickyness.

 Like all of Garnier's Moisture Match moisturisers, the tubes are 50ml. I don't find it enough to be honest as I moisturise every day, like you should and it's gone within a couple of weeks so it's not very economical if you're a student, like me trying to save money! 

Price; 3 STARS For me, £5.99 is a little expensive for the amount you get (50 ml) as it's gone in a few weeks although when on promotion I wouldn't mind indulging!

Promises; 4 STARS Their 'Proven Efficiency' on the back of the product box is not strong enough in my opinion. The Instrumental test included 24 'subjects' and the Consumer test included 50 women over 4 weeks. For valid and strong results, products need to be tests on a larger sample compared to that, but the again a lot of companies and adverts are guilty of this.

The gel did feel revitalising and refreshing on my skin and my skin didn't react negatively in any way, so I would agree that it's suitable for sensitive skin.

Ease of Use; 5 STARS The gel is really easy to apply and is absorbed perfectly compared to some moisturisers where they are absorbed too quickly or not enough. The consistency of the gel is perfect as it glides across the skin and isn't too gloopy or sticky.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; YES Regarding what skin type they are and what products best matches their skin I would recommend any of Garnier's Moisture Match products/moisturisers. If you're unsure though I would suggest looking out for the promotions to try your preferred one and if you don't like it, not a lot lost!


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