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MUA Professional Brushes

I've never been majorly bothered about using makeup brushes or cosmetic tools, but since discovering MUA, they've opened me up to a whole new world. MUA cosmetic products are available online and in Superdrug stores, although MUA Professional brushes are only available online which is a bit of an inconvenience but considering the price, quality of the brushes and the dispatch and delivery times, I wouldn't mind only purchasing these online.

MUA Professional Brushes

MUA Professional Brushes
I had a good look at the variety of brushes available and chose to purchase 3 that I would get the most use out of; F1 Foundation Brush, F4 Powder Brush and the F6 Blusher and Contouring Brush. The brushes are sleek and black. They are light to hold so that they're easy to use and are really easy to store. MUA clearly state that the brushes are cruelty free and are suitable for all skin types.

F1 Foundation Brush - £3.00
MUA Professional - F1 Foundation Brush - £3.00
This foundation brush can be used to apply liquid or cream foundation. MUA advise to pick the foundation from the back of the hand with the brush and apply it from the centre of the face and blend outwards. This technique avoids tide lines and any noticeable streaks. This brush is really easy to use and helps move my liquid foundation around quite well, although nothing beats using your best natural tool, your fingers!

F4 Powder Brush - £3.75

MUA Professional - F4 Powder Brush - £3.75
This brush is suitable for bronzer, blusher and face powder, so it's very versatile. It's rounded and very full so it sweeps over the face really well and very easily covers the areas wanted. I use it for my face powder and a tad on my neck and the brush is very soft on my skin, whereas other brushes I've used have been too stiff and rough. It glides over my skin and the density of the brush holds a good amount of powder that isn't too clumped or too thick.

F6 Blusher and Contouring Brush - £3.00

MUA Professional - F6 Blusher and Contouring Brush - £3.00
This brush is suitable for use with powder and cream blushes. The angle of the brush makes it easy to fit to the facial contours and cheekbones - helping create a natural and effortless look and MUA advise that the "brush works best when applied on the apples of the cheeks in an upward sweeping motion". I love this brush! The shaped brush is great for creating a natural structured look as it fits in nice with my cheekbones. The soft synthetic fibres are gentle on my skin and doesn't flare my cheeks up whilst or after using it.
Price; 5 STARS These brushes are such great prices for such good quality. They're not MAC or high end, but they do the job and of the price you cannot be picky! The brushes range from £1.50 to £5.00 which is great compared to some brushes that are available at extortionate prices.

Promises; 5 STARS As long as you use the brushes for their specified use then you'll be fine. The shapes of the brushes are great and do their job. The F4 brush is really dense so it covers the face and the F6 brush is shaped really well so that it fits to your cheekbones.

Ease of Use; 5 STARS The brushes are sleek and light, making them easy to grip and clean. The synthetic fibres glide well over the skin and are great with bronzer, powder, blusher, cream blusher, liquid and cream foundation etc.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; YES The price, quality and availability of the brushes is great. For those who can't afford high end brushes and tools MUA is amazing. They're great quality, do the job and look more expensive than you'd think. 

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  1. Thank you for the honest review :) It really is difficult to find good quality and affordable brushes hey.

    You have found yourself a new follower :)

    Amina ∞ Oh Just One More


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