Monday, 12 May 2014

BaByliss Boutique Smooth Ceramic 235 Straighteners

After about 5 years, my straighteners died on me :( It was a very sad moment as they were soo good and limited edition! So, I guess the time had come to purchase some new ones, but there is soo many different types and models on the market I was spoiled for choice, but I finally made a decision - but what is the right one?

Everyone has different desirable features of straighteners. I personally have to have variable temperature setting, multi-voltage for worldwide use and also on and off buttons and indicator light. I chose these straighteners mainly because of these features, but other little bits caught my eye too!

My last straighteners had a variable temperature dial which I LOVED. It was one feature I have always looked out for and although the BaByliss Smooth Ceramic 235 straighteners only have 3 settings, it'll do. That aside, it does have separate on and off switches AND an indicator light which is good so I don't forget they're on and burn myself! Talking of burning, the straighteners heat up in 15 seconds. This is quite fast considering comparisons with others, although this feature doesn't really matter to me! What does matter is the auto-shut off. Although ti doesn't apply to me, this is definitely a great idea for those who forget their styling products are on!
The straighteners are gloss black. The ceramic plates are gold and so is the embossed BaByliss logo. They come with a 5 year guarantee which I was really impressed with as many others are given less. 
 The straightener has a 3 meter swivel cord, making styling away from a socket easier and less hassle! They are rounded housing so you can also curl your hair too, but I don't curl my hair so that's not anything that really wowed me! What is missing for me though is a locking feature to keep them stored away easier and neater. This isn't a major feature, but it would have been nice, although because they're quite small and anyway it shouldn't matter too much.

Similar to many other straighteners on the market, the BaByliss Smooth Ceramic 235 straighteners come with a heat proof mat. It's not the most amazing heat proof mat I've ever encountered, but it's heat proof none the less.

Now, performance. A lot of the reviews online mentioned them being "as good as GHD's" I can't comment on this as I have never used GHD's but this must be a good comparison right? They do straighten my hair and the design, features and ease of use is great so I cannot complain!
Price; 4 STARS £27.99 is pretty good considering what else is on the market. It all depends what features you're looking for!

Promises; 5 STARS The BaByliss Smooth Ceramic 235 straighteners do exactly what they say. The ceramic plates give a smooth, shiny finish and heat up ultra fast!

Ease of Use; 5 STARS The 3 meter swivel cord makes styling away from a socket really easy. They're light and with a 15 second heat up time you can style your hair even when you're running late!

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; MAYBE If the features I've described catch you're eye, then the BaByliss Smooth Ceramic 235 Straighteners are the one for you but compare a few online before making a decision as there is so much choice on the market!

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