Monday, 25 February 2013

Party Time; Perfectly Pink

My work colleague, Ria, had a joint 18th birthday party on Saturday and the theme was 'classy'. I went for a pink and glitter theme and here is how I got my look.
Miss Selfridge Lurex Lace Panel Skater Dress - £39.00 - Size 6
I wore my Miss Selfridge dress - silver sparkle lace panel on the bodice, pink underskirt with light pink chiffon on top for the skirt. The pale pink colour made it perfect for a party and looked super girly with all my accessories, the only thing I would criticise would be the skirt of the dress, as it was chiffon, I was worried all the time about it catching and snagging the material! It's such a pretty dress, I didn't want to ruin it! I don't know what's going on with my feet.. they look a different colour to my legs when they actually are not..

New Look Black Suede Effect Scalloped Heel - £19.99 - Size 3
I don't usually go out to be honest. I might sound boring, but I would much rather go out for a meal or stay in in my pj's and watch tv! So when a party comes around, I usually only have 2 pairs of heels to choose from and they're both from New Look! I have only ever worn these heels once and that was to the work Christmas party! They are approx. 3.5 inches high, which is made even higher by the 1/2 inch platform under the sole. They cost £19.99 from New Look a few years ago, and that's how long they're been sitting in my wardrobe!
I have really weird feet, so getting heels to fit and not hurt after 2 minutes is hard! These are okay! They hurt after a while, but so did a  lot of girls heels after a while? But they are a classic black scalloped suede heel, with a shiny detail around the edging. To be honest, I love black heels. I think too flashy heels with a flashy dress makes it look tacky! but that's me! You can't go wrong with black :) I would definitely recommend New Look heels as there are so many different styles, colours and heel sizes and you can get student discount!

 When going out, you need somewhere to stash some money, your phone and some life saving makeup bits! For Christmas, my 'sister in law' bought me a New Look clutch bag and pink heart River Island stud earrings! The colour of the bag matches my dress perfectly and as I haven't got a really nice clutch bag for parties, it was definitely something I needed! Plus, I can fit a lot in it without it looking like I have everything but the kitchen sink in it!
The leather look makes it great to wipe over and the design is simple but classic. So I can accessorise it with anything! Love It!!

The pink heart stud earrings are from River Island. I usually wear real silver/gold jewellery, but these studs are so classy and pretty! And.. they match my dress and clutch! I've worn them with other stuff, so they're great to just add a bit of colour if you're feeling pale or jazz up any outfit to catch eyes.
I only have a couple of necklaces, beautiful classic ones. Saturday night I wore this white gold diamond heart necklace that Simon bought for me. It's pretty and perfect to add a little glam to any outfit, whether that's going out partying, or even going to the shops! You can't knock a pretty diamond necklace!
I also wore my Pandora bracelet. I only wear this on special occasions as one of my charms has been defective where some of the writing came out and therefore I had to get it repaired :( I have 10 charms so far and each one means something. They are £60 for the bracelet and £30 average for a sterling silver charm, but you can pick them up often on eBay cheaper! I love it. and as there are no sharp edges, it didn't pull my dress or the chiffon, result! And as before as it's personal it goes with anything! However, if it gets lost, game over :(
NYC Expert Last Nail Polish - Gramercy Glitz
Lastly, when holding a glass of whatever, in my case, coke as I don't drink alcohol!, you need your nails to stand out! I LOVE adding a bit of glitter to a plain nail polish and NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Gramercy Glitz is great! The glitter and sparkle isn't too over powering to the eye and it really subtle in colour and glitter so it's perfect for day and night looks. You can build the glitter up with various coats, although I prefer two.
 So that's how I achieved my perfectly pink look! Classic and girly! What else would you recommend me to wear next time? Any great pale nail varnishes I should know of? I love glitter!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

BHS and Primark Onesies --REVIEW--

As promised, this is my review for my recently bought onsies! My original intention was to review only the BHS chocolate giraffe print onesie, although this weekend another caught my eye and the price was amazing so I couldn't resist.

BHS Girffe Print Onesie - £25 - Size 12-14
The BHS chocolate giraffe print onesie was £25, I didn't pay that otherwise I wouldn't have bought it as it is a lot for me.. but it's super cute!
It's 100%, so very comfy. It hasn't shrunk significantly enough for me to notice, but I wouldn't say that it hasn't as cotton usually does. Some of my friends said that the buttons on their onesies come undone in the middle of the night and this was an aspect I was worrying about. But to be honest, none of mine came undone! I am very impressed :3
The sizing however is wrong. I am a size 6 and I thought I would need the 8-10, although when trying it on it was too tight in all the wrong places, and when you're in bed you need the extra room to move around and fidget. Although, I bought the size 12-14, and I must say this fits perfectly. Plenty of room to fidget in bed, at the computer curled up in my chair and be lazy., although I am NOT a size 12-14! So i would say maybe try a couple of different sizes on to make sure you get the right fit.
It's really comfy in bed too! The cuffs on the ankles and the wrists mean they don't ride up as much as compared to pyjama bottoms and separates - keeping you warm and cosy without the irritation of bare arms and legs.

Primark Onesie - £5 - Size SMALL
The second onesie I bought that wasn't on my Onesie Wonders post was the Primark Love to Lounge bright pink onesie with white snow pattern on it. It was £5 so you can't say no to that!
It's fleece so it won't shrink and it's ultra soft! I bought a size 8-10 and it has the perfect fit. It isn't fitting like 'fitting' but it's the right height and I don't look like I'm wearing a bin bag, lets put it that way.
The colour is gorgeous too! So cute. I look like a pink power ranger! It has a hood with pom poms so it gives it that warm cosy look and feel. Although this onesie has a zip instead of buttons. This is a more secure fastening although if you're cold and you have it zipped all the way to the top, you can feel it pulling slightly and it can be a bit uncomfortable, but really, does anyone have anything right to the top any more?
It also has cuffs at the ankles and wrists too, keeping the cold out and keeping my arms and legs covered!

My overall rating:
BHS Chocolate Giraffe Print Onesie-
Fitting regarding sizes: 5/10
Colour: 9/10
Comfort: 9/10
Price: 6/10

Primark Love to Lounge Bright Pink Onesie-
Fitting regarding sizes: 9/10
Colour: 9/10
Comfort: 10/10
Price: 10/10

If you're thinking about buying a onesie, check them out! Also, look around on the high street and online. You can find some great deals and also you don't need to spend huge amounts to find a great fitting one with all the comfort!


Monday, 4 February 2013

Heated Mattress Cover Review! [Dreamland Starlight]

Just after Christmas I bought a Dreamland Starlight heated underblanket and Heated Mattress Cover.
I had had my eye on it for a while but never quite got round to buying one until I decided to spend a little bit of my Christmas and birthday money on one in late December! I am so pleased I did!

Dreamland Starlight Washable Heated Mattress Cover £16.99
After looking around on the internet for the best deal, I found eBay was best. I purchased it from a seller whom had 100% feedback and who had sold over 100 of the exact product I was buying. I always have confidence in buying from eBay as I always purchase things off of there on a weekly basis. It arrived within 3 days so I was very pleased with the P&P and the service I received.
Don't be afraid of eBay!
The Dreamland Starlight heated underblanket and heated mattress cover is definitely better than any other I've seen. Most heated mattress covers are tied underneath the mattress to be kept in place causing difficulty detaching them when washing is needed. This one on the other hand is like a mattress protector - it has elasticated sides and fits over the top of the mattress - PERFECT fit without fiddly ties! Its also wash and tumble safe which is great for washing and very handy!

Controls - All Night Use / Pre Heat / Off
The heated mattress cover has total overheat protection with extra foot warmth too!
There are 6 heat settings with an option of a pre-heat setting to get it extra warm before getting in, or all night warmth to keep it just at the right temperature all night long!

I use this practically every night, especially when its been colder recently. I used to always use a hot water bottle and that never really warmed up the bed enough, plus my mum would worry it would burst and scold me! The heated underblanket mattress is perfectly safe and is BEAB approved. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of getting one! It's especially useful when I suffer with bad endometriosis cramps and pain. I sometimes have to stay in bed because I'm doubled up in pain, and the extra warmth helps comfort and ease me.

5 STARS I bought this from eBay and therefore prices may vary. I think the price I purchased this for, £16.99 is an absolute bargain! Other online stores are pricing similar products much more than this. Shop around and you can get a bargain!

Promises; 5 STARS As I suffer with endometriosis, I find hot water bottles help a little, but I worry they might burst. This is so amazingly warm and the feature of adjusting the temperature is great! Perfect for cold nights and days I want to curl up and cry!

Ease of Use; 5 STARS. The control panel is easy to use and the mattress cover is really easy to apply to my bed. You can wash ti to so great for cleanliness and hygiene.

Would I recommend to a friend?; YES. This is so useful on cold nights and I would definitely recommend to those with endometriosis to help with those days and nights of crunching up in bed in pain.

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