Monday, 4 February 2013

Heated Mattress Cover Review! [Dreamland Starlight]

Just after Christmas I bought a Dreamland Starlight heated underblanket and Heated Mattress Cover.
I had had my eye on it for a while but never quite got round to buying one until I decided to spend a little bit of my Christmas and birthday money on one in late December! I am so pleased I did!

Dreamland Starlight Washable Heated Mattress Cover £16.99
After looking around on the internet for the best deal, I found eBay was best. I purchased it from a seller whom had 100% feedback and who had sold over 100 of the exact product I was buying. I always have confidence in buying from eBay as I always purchase things off of there on a weekly basis. It arrived within 3 days so I was very pleased with the P&P and the service I received.
Don't be afraid of eBay!
The Dreamland Starlight heated underblanket and heated mattress cover is definitely better than any other I've seen. Most heated mattress covers are tied underneath the mattress to be kept in place causing difficulty detaching them when washing is needed. This one on the other hand is like a mattress protector - it has elasticated sides and fits over the top of the mattress - PERFECT fit without fiddly ties! Its also wash and tumble safe which is great for washing and very handy!

Controls - All Night Use / Pre Heat / Off
The heated mattress cover has total overheat protection with extra foot warmth too!
There are 6 heat settings with an option of a pre-heat setting to get it extra warm before getting in, or all night warmth to keep it just at the right temperature all night long!

I use this practically every night, especially when its been colder recently. I used to always use a hot water bottle and that never really warmed up the bed enough, plus my mum would worry it would burst and scold me! The heated underblanket mattress is perfectly safe and is BEAB approved. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of getting one! It's especially useful when I suffer with bad endometriosis cramps and pain. I sometimes have to stay in bed because I'm doubled up in pain, and the extra warmth helps comfort and ease me.

5 STARS I bought this from eBay and therefore prices may vary. I think the price I purchased this for, £16.99 is an absolute bargain! Other online stores are pricing similar products much more than this. Shop around and you can get a bargain!

Promises; 5 STARS As I suffer with endometriosis, I find hot water bottles help a little, but I worry they might burst. This is so amazingly warm and the feature of adjusting the temperature is great! Perfect for cold nights and days I want to curl up and cry!

Ease of Use; 5 STARS. The control panel is easy to use and the mattress cover is really easy to apply to my bed. You can wash ti to so great for cleanliness and hygiene.

Would I recommend to a friend?; YES. This is so useful on cold nights and I would definitely recommend to those with endometriosis to help with those days and nights of crunching up in bed in pain.

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  1. i really need one of these! thanks for sharing!


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