Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Born Pretty: Eyebrow Stencil Templates

My previous posts for BornPretty featured their Eyeshadow Palette #5 and their 7 Piece Brush Kit. Today is my 3rd and last post for BornPretty featuring their set of 4 Piece Eyebrow Stencil Templates! 

4 Piece Style Eyebrow Stencil Templates
To grab 10% off your order at BornPretty, enter code KMH10 at the checkout!

I shaped my eyebrows when I was 12. They were great, until I over plucked. They have since (thankfully) grown back to a certain degree, although I still like to pencil a bit in to make them a bit more prominent and structured. I have the odd day where nothing ever goes right, including my brows! I think everyone can relate when I say, "one brow looks perfect and the other one looks a total mess" - which applies to eyelashes too! Therefore, when I saw these I thought it would be a life line in the mornings when I'm having one of those 'it's not going right' days. 
BornPretty Eyebrow Stencils
There are various different styles you can choose from and all sets come with 4 different styles in each pack. I chose #5 C1-C4 which I thought would suit my current shape and look natural.
I do have eyebrows, although they need a bit of defining with the shape. Out of all 4 styles, my favourite has to be C1, whereas my least favourite is C3 as I prefer a bit of shape.

My first impressions of the stencil templates were that they looked pretty simple to use, the plastic template makes it easy to wash the pencil off after you've used them and they are easy to pop in your makeup bag if you're getting ready elsewhere. However, I found it really fiddly to hold the stencil in the desired place and pencil the template in without it looking too dark and without it being wonky. You also have to be careful with what one you use. You can't just change the natural shape of your brows unless you have semi perm makeup or shave them all off! I think you need to use them a while before you get the 'nak' of it to be honest, but I am finding it hard.

You may notice my eyebrows are not symmetrical, BUT they never have been! You cannot alter your eyebrow's height without having to radically pencil in the majority of the other one! 
I will continue to use them for definition of my brows, but I personally find them hard to use myself. I have used them on my mum (she has no definite brow) and she loves them although because she has no defined brows, they look quite fake and more like tattooed on! I think you just need to get used to them and practice practice practice!
Price; 5 STARS Even though I was kindly sent these template stencils by BornPretty, I think $2.45 $1.99 is very reasonable and they're great value for money!

Ease of Use; 3 STARS I must admit that trying to hold the template stencil and pencil it in is quite fiddly and tricky! It does take a few tries to get used to it and find the 'nak' to doing it.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; YES Considering the price and how useful the product is, I would definitely recommend you try these! They come in many different styles and there's bound to be one to suit you!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Born Pretty: 7 Piece Purple Brush Kit & Pouch Bag

My first post review for BornPretty featured their Eyeshadow Palette #5. Today, my 2nd post features and focuses on their 7 Piece Brush Kit!

7 Piece Brush Kit
To grab 10% your order at BornPretty, enter code KMH10 at the checkout!
Recently I have begun to use a wider range of makeup tools and accessories. My basic makeup tools include a powder brush, blusher brush and foundation application brush - nothing too high maintenance, it does the job but I'm not that adventurous. When I saw this cute little set I loved it. The purple zipped pouch feels well constructed and keeps all 7 brushes tidy and neat, perfect, if you're like me, your makeup brushes get lost at the bottom of your bag or drawer (I'm not very organised with that kinda thing).
 There's a brush for pretty much everything!

The set includes:
Blusher Brush 
Eyeshadow Brushes
Powder Brush
Lip Brush 
Sponge Applicator
Brow Brush
BornPretty 7 Piece Makeup Brush Kit
The purple colour scheme is a nice touch. I usually see black brushes - which I like because they look sleek and neat but purple just adds a bit of colour! I know what some of you may think, a cheap kit must be rubbish, but the brushes are really well constructed. The hairs don't fall out as what you expect with cheaper kits and the blending of the two different shades of the brush add a more professional look. 

Compared to my current brushes, these aren't as soft and I prefer the feel and handle of my current ones. Don't get me wrong, these are really good tools to use, although I am a creature of habit and prefer my other ones! They're a great kit for novice bloggers and those getting to grips with brushes, so have a little peek!
Price; 5 STARS Even though I was sent this product by BornPretty, $11.39 $7.99 is pretty reasonable for a set of brushes! By using code KMH10 at the checkout, you can get 10% off your order at BornPretty!

Ease of Use; 3 STARS The brushes are great for a range of makeup needs. They weren't particularly long and therefore I found them a little stumpy to use compared with my regular and current brushes.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; YES For those not confident with makeup brushes and tools, I'd recommend you try these. You may have to wait a little longer for your products, but they're great value for money, they ship within  24 hours and it's FREE shipping worldwide! However, I prefer my current brushes and therefore I will stick to my own.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Valentine Ideas; Him & Her

Today is the date that my boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years! So after all this romance stuff I thought I'd get you all prepared for Valentines Day!

Like it or loath it, Valentine's Day is soon approaching. Some people find it too commercialised, which I partly agree on, but I do love the whole atmosphere of it! I'd like to point out that it's not just about partners and their relationships on Valentine's Day anymore, but in recent years it has become just as much about mothers and daughters sending cards to each other, which I think is very sweet! This means that it's not a sad day to think about what or whom you haven't got but what you have got :)

I've been with my boyfriend for 6 years now! Some people have negative opinions about young love but hey, the older generations met their first and only love at 15, why can't we?
So I've put together a post featuring 'break the budget' and 'total steal' gift ideas that may give you or your partner some inspiration this romantic holiday!

Break the Budget for Her; TIFFANY & CO.
Simon bought me a Tiffany necklace for my 21st. I've been wanting one for over a year and call me materialistic, but it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. He waited to purchase it for my 21st which I thought was a lovely gesture as it seemed to mean more that I received it for a special occasion.

When purchasing the particular gift online, Simon was given the option of engraving - although you're only given the option of 3 letters - it's a personal touch. There are soo many different designs that you're bound to find one that catches your eye!

Steal for Him & Her; THOUGHT JAR
This idea is suitable for either male or female. but no offence, I don't think males would take the time to do this! The thought jar is a unique and quirky idea to personalize Valentine's Day, an Anniversary or Birthday!

All you need is:
A clear jar, about the same size as makeup brush storage jars
Pieces of paper
A pen

You can have as many small pieces of paper as you like! But to make it ultra cute and sweet, I've done about 25-30 : enough to keep him entertained! On each piece of paper, write what you love about your other half; their smile, laugh, the way they say a certain word, ANYTHING YOU LIKE! 
I have many personalised gifts; mouse mats, cushions, canvases, a pencil case, mugs, keyrings and jewelry! Each one has a different personal picture on and is a great way to make a memory tangible and immortal.

The BEST gift Simon bought me for our 4 Year Anniversary was a Star in Orion's Belt from the Universal Star Registry. I was given my own certificate to certify the naming of the star, a booklet and CD to show me where it was and how to locate it online and a beautiful stainless steel keyring in the shape of a star with my name, the date it was certified and the location. It was soo thoughtful and unique! There are various packages available through the Universal Star Registry and there's many different locations to choose from!
Treat for Him & Her; MEAL OUT/MEAL IN
This is probably a very popular idea amongst couples. I love a good meal out with tasty food that I cannot contemplate making at home! But I also love being at home in my onesie eating a homemade meal, made by Simon of course! Each to their own, but if you don't fancy the busy restaurants, cliche romantic couples and fancy a night in with your partner, mum or daughter, buy the ingredients at your supermarket and cosy it up at home! Plus, there's also no need to spend ages getting dolled up!
Steal for Her; FLOWERS
 Valentine's Day always screams roses. Roses are nice, but everyone gets them. I'm not saying "Don't get roses" because a huge bunch is beautiful - but also quite expensive and we're talking about finding a budget but beautiful bunch! I personally LOVE lilies and Simon always gets me a bunch with at least one lily in because he knows they're my fave :) If you want to break the cliche and stand out from everyone else, go for a bunch that reflects their personality, and what they love!
Are you planning on spending Valentine's Day with your other half or with your mum/daughter? I'd love to know what everyone's doing and whether you've stuck to the cliche's or been original!

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