Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Born Pretty: Eyebrow Stencil Templates

My previous posts for BornPretty featured their Eyeshadow Palette #5 and their 7 Piece Brush Kit. Today is my 3rd and last post for BornPretty featuring their set of 4 Piece Eyebrow Stencil Templates! 

4 Piece Style Eyebrow Stencil Templates
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I shaped my eyebrows when I was 12. They were great, until I over plucked. They have since (thankfully) grown back to a certain degree, although I still like to pencil a bit in to make them a bit more prominent and structured. I have the odd day where nothing ever goes right, including my brows! I think everyone can relate when I say, "one brow looks perfect and the other one looks a total mess" - which applies to eyelashes too! Therefore, when I saw these I thought it would be a life line in the mornings when I'm having one of those 'it's not going right' days. 
BornPretty Eyebrow Stencils
There are various different styles you can choose from and all sets come with 4 different styles in each pack. I chose #5 C1-C4 which I thought would suit my current shape and look natural.
I do have eyebrows, although they need a bit of defining with the shape. Out of all 4 styles, my favourite has to be C1, whereas my least favourite is C3 as I prefer a bit of shape.

My first impressions of the stencil templates were that they looked pretty simple to use, the plastic template makes it easy to wash the pencil off after you've used them and they are easy to pop in your makeup bag if you're getting ready elsewhere. However, I found it really fiddly to hold the stencil in the desired place and pencil the template in without it looking too dark and without it being wonky. You also have to be careful with what one you use. You can't just change the natural shape of your brows unless you have semi perm makeup or shave them all off! I think you need to use them a while before you get the 'nak' of it to be honest, but I am finding it hard.

You may notice my eyebrows are not symmetrical, BUT they never have been! You cannot alter your eyebrow's height without having to radically pencil in the majority of the other one! 
I will continue to use them for definition of my brows, but I personally find them hard to use myself. I have used them on my mum (she has no definite brow) and she loves them although because she has no defined brows, they look quite fake and more like tattooed on! I think you just need to get used to them and practice practice practice!
Price; 5 STARS Even though I was kindly sent these template stencils by BornPretty, I think $2.45 $1.99 is very reasonable and they're great value for money!

Ease of Use; 3 STARS I must admit that trying to hold the template stencil and pencil it in is quite fiddly and tricky! It does take a few tries to get used to it and find the 'nak' to doing it.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; YES Considering the price and how useful the product is, I would definitely recommend you try these! They come in many different styles and there's bound to be one to suit you!


  1. I think these stencil templates are a perfect idea! I for one definitely struggle in the morning getting my eyebrows the same and i think a stencil would be such a quick and easier alternative!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. They're definitely good for getting the same shape for both! Bit tricky to get the hang of and great if you're trying a new shape!


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