Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Reflection and New Year Resolutions

We've reached the end of another year and it's time to welcome in the New Year of 2014. I'm aware that the making of New Year resolutions divides some people - the belief that a New Year doesn't necessarily mean the need to make a resolution and that it can be done throughout the year on your own terms. However, I am one of those people whom create New Years resolutions to aid the direction of the New Year and I thought I'd share a few of them with you this New Years Eve.

I'm not a massive party animal. I don't drink so venturing out into the town centre won't be on my list! This New Years Eve I'll be sitting at home watching television with a nice takeaway - my perfect night in.

2013 has been a hard year to say the least. Yes, there has been some great aspects many of which were on my Bucket List! Some include:

Being shortlisted for the Company Style Blogger Awards - April
Buying my own car! - May
Visiting WB Harry Potter Studios - June
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo - July
Visiting my Big Sister in Gt Yarmouth/Bacton by the Sea! - July
Hyde Park Winter Wonderland - December
TURNING 21 - December

Although these are only a handful of brilliant things, they've sadly been shadowed by the negative times.

In June 2013, I was diagnosed with suspected depression and anxiety which was apparent to my family. I've always been a worrier, but it started to develop into something more serious. In late 2013, I was actually diagnosed with anxiety and acute depression by my GP - not the greatest part of my life. It's one of the hardest times I've had to deal with - the change in lifestyle, medication and learning how to deal with things I find difficult, better. I am in no doubt that I will come head to head with difficult problems in 2014, but there is a handful of things to look forward to this New Year.

I must point out, through the tough times this year I've had my boyfriend to lean on. He may not have 'solved' my problems, but he's been there to talk to and a shoulder to cry on which is sometimes what you need and I just think he deserves a little mention and credit for that :)

Firstly, my Graduation in July! I will hopefully graduate with a BA Hons in Business Management! After that, I'm not quite sure. I know what I want to do, but I am not 100% sure of what path to take in order to get there, so the future after my degree is still up for debate.

I also am planning to holiday this year as a reward for my University journey and as a time to relax and reflect on what I have (hopefully) achieved this year!

Save Money
I recently  turned 21 in December and I'm starting to look to the future. I have my own personal Credit Card account and Current Account, which I might like to add to those gasping at the word CREDIT CARD, I am VERY GOOD at managing. I only have my credit card to build a positive credit rating score for when I move out and need a mortgage and whenever I do spend on it (which is a couple of times a month) I pay it off as soon as it pops up on my online account - which is the best way. See, I am very prepared.

I plan to create a new 'savings' account and put aside 'what I can' much a month and create and stick to a 'budget' each week. This will allow me to keep track of what I'm earning and spending on a weekly basis and actually see in my savings account what i have personally saved myself :) I'm not bad with money but saving will help whatever my future will bring and also make me feel good.

Healthy Eating
If you've ever met me or seen me, I have a small size 6 figure. It's all thanks for my high metabolism. I don't work hard for my figure and neither do I put any effort into it - but I should. My eating habits are very unhealthy, not just what I'm eating but also the fact I hardly eat at all.

This year I want to eat healthier. My body doesn't take too well to eating too much bread and therefore I want to cut a lot of this out :) My diet will be more balanced; trying to eat 3 meals a day and packed with more fibre, protein and vegetables. Not only will I be more healthier, it will hopefully have a healthier effect on my skin, which is always a total mess!

I also want to become more toned. I plan to take up a toning regime (free of course) which will also allow me to become more confident when I go on holiday later this year and healthier inside.

My New Year resolutions are short and sweet. I Find if you give yourself too many goals you become less focused and forgetful. Keep it simple :)

I hope 2014 is prosperous, full of happiness and good times to remember - not to mention great opportunities and open doors. I'm not keen on the cliché of "This year will be my year" - I prefer to look at it as I hope the coming year of 2014 is better than the last and that things start to look up. I don't expect a miracle, but some good news and light at the end of the tunnel would be encouraging.

What's your opinions on New Year resolutions? Do you have any for this year?


  1. New to your blog and love it.. :) Wish you all the best for this new year...

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    The Lipstickholic

    1. Thanks for dropping by and for the positive comment!
      I love the uniqueness of your blog, very interesting! x


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