Monday, 20 January 2014

LUSH Cosmetics Bath & Soap Gifts

The lovely Sophia Meola bought me some LUSH goodies for Christmas and as I've never tried any before, I couldn't wait to try them and see what they were like!
Even before I opened the box, I could smell the scents - it was very strong, but it was really nice and smelt like sweets - exciting! I loved the fact my gifts were packed in a neat cardboard box, making it 100% recyclable! This fits in with the fact that Lush products are hand made and natural!

The Father Christmas Bath bomb and Snow Globe Soap are part of the 24 Limited Editions to LUSH's Christmas Collection! Both products featured in this post are suitable for Vegans and all handmade with fresh ingredients!

" you all the colours and smells of Christmas, with mandarin oil and orange flower absolute. Father Christmas is a bit of a secret Santa who modestly hides his hidden talents..."
The Father Christmas Bath Bomb is pink and white in colour and is about the size of a cricket ball which is quite big! I've never used or seen bath bombs this big before! I'm not keen on the feel of it though, however I've never liked the feeling of bath bombs - nothing to do with the product really!

When I popped the bath bomb into the bath his little beard dissolved and fizzed away! The pink and white colours filled the water which I was amazed at as I had never had anything like that before! It suddenly fizzed into bold colours of green which mixed with the shades of pink/red which reminded me of classic Christmas colours!

I was a little worried that it would stain my bath or my skin, but it made my skin soo soft and it left no marks or stains! After thinking about it, it's not much of a surprise, after all, they are natural products! The bath bomb filled the bathroom with scents of orange - again reminding me of Christmas. It smelt ultra clean and really relaxing after a long day!

"A huge snowy dome of soap with an uplifting lemon myrtle and lemongrass fragrance - a soap that shakes things up a bit"
My piece of Snow Globe Soap is cut from a larger piece. The larger piece is blue/green in colour, shaped like a dome and filled with white soap balls to resemble a snow globe.

The soap smells like lemongrass and citrus scents which is great for a clean smell and fragrance, especially when it's bitterly cold outside! The smell stayed on my skin for a considerable amount of time which I was pleased with as I felt and smelt like a walking bath and soap bomb! You can use the soap either in the shower or bath so you're not tied to using it in one place so it's great if you prefer showers over baths or vice versa. What I love is the shape and durability of the soap. My piece is rectangular making it easy to hold an use. It doesn't flake or dissolve away really quickly so you get the most from your product and your money
Price: N/A I can't comment on the price as they were a gift. Similar items can be found on their website and in store around the festive period.

Promises: 4 STARS Both products gave me the image and scents of Christmas. I had no worried about using them as they are handmade from natural ingredients, however, due to my skin - using the soap did dry it out a tad.

Ease of Use: 5 STARS Both products were easy to use - you just pop the bath bomb in the bath and watch it work its magic! The soap is pretty obvious - it's soap. It's quite durable, doesn't rub away easily and great value.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: YES I've never tried LUSH products before but after being gifted these, I think I'll start looking into them more! They 're great little gift ideas for those conscious of natural ingredients and vegan aspects and also to jazz up your normal everyday bath/soap routine and products!

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