Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Savvy Student Thrifty Tip: NUS Extra Card

NUS Extra Card
"Hundreds of discounts exclusively for students from just £12 The NUS extra card gives you amazing discounts"

 If you really know me, you'll know that I am a total bargain hunter! I am very familiar with eBay, and carboot sales and I love an offer or promotion! Since earning my own money a few years ago, I've realised how precious money is and therefore I'm always looking to save!

With the NUS Extra card, you have access to various discounts to major high street and online stores. There's always new ones being added and some discounts are increased for limited periods of time.
Categories include; Food and Drink, Leisure and Entertainment, Beauty, Fashion, Study Essentials, Travel, Tech, Music and Gadgets and many more! Take a look at all discounts available by clicking here!
However, I would advise that you read the terms and conditions in every participating store as some do not offer the use of the NUS Extra card in conjunction with any other offer, discount or sale items. Although some stores do, so always check before using it!

Your NUS Extra card can be purchased through their online site and it is then sent to your school. sixth form college or University. If you re-apply for the card the next year, NUS Extra give you the option of home delivery, which is more convenient than fighting your way to the Student Union or office at lunchtime.

If you purchase your NUS Extra card online, it will be valid for 12 months from the date purchased, however, if you purchase it from your place of study, your card may only be valid until the end of September. Check online or with your place of study for more information on your card validity.

Now, you do need to weigh up the worth of the card. It costs £12, therefore you need to spend £120 a year (if you receive 10% off each time) to pay off the purchase amount of the card. If you're unsure about whether the card is financially beneficial, check out the Savings Calculator online to see how much you could save!

The NUS Extra student discount card has become one of my student essentials over the past 5 years. Unfortunately this is my last valid year as a student, so I'm trying to use it as often as I can to make the most of it!


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