Monday, 28 October 2013

NEW Wonka Chocolate Nice Cream

Nestle have released NEW Wonka chocolate bars! There are 3 variations - Nice Cream, Creme Brulee and Millionaire's Shortbread which are all available in small 35g bars priced at 65p and 100g bars priced at £1.35.

NEW Wonka Chocolate
"Smooth vanilla creme topped with chocolate sauce ... Scrumdiddlyumptiously shareable"

The Wonka Chocolate bars caught my eye not only with their shiny wrapping and branding but with their unusual combinations. I have blogged about similar products resembling the Wonka branding CLICK HERE, although I've never come across Wonka branded products and was quite excited about trying one!
Wonka Chocolate Nice Cream - 100g - £1.35

All 3 variations are branded with the iconic metallic magenta wrapping and icon Wonka font which is accompanied with the small Wonka Hat icon. I purchased Nice Cream because it was the most appealing to me out of all 3 and it took me back to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movies and the chocolate river and candy garden! A great feature the bars is the re-sealable strip to the bar. When opening, you peel back the strip to get to the bar and when you want to save it for later, you can reseal the sticky strip! It's a nice feature that I don't come across often and added to the look and use of the bar.

Nice Cream mainly consists of 30% creme and 15% chocolate sauce. The chocolate bar itself is decorated with raised images of what looks like icecream and the trademark 'W'. It's interesting rather than having just a plain bar underneath the rather extravagant wrapping.
The bar was a little flimsy - when holding the bar it melted quite quickly and the pieces broke away very easily so I wasn't surprised a lot of the bars on the shelves were broken! The overall taste was very sweet. I wouldn't be able to eat a lot of it compared to other chocolate bars which I wolf down a lot of the time! The vanilla creme inside didn't taste very much of vanilla although was a nice consistency - not too hard or soft. Again, the chocolate sauce reminded me of the chocolate river in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movies! The chocolate sauce was very gloopy and stick, it oozed out of the bar and at times was quite messy and for someone who is very clean - this wasn't a nice experience.
Price; 5 STARS The bars are all very good value for money considering the overall product offering. The small bars are 65p and the bar featured in the post was purchased at £1.35.

Promises; 4 STARS The bar lives up to what it says on the packet. Even though I found the sauce very gloopy and sticky and bar itself quite sweet, it was a nice treat!

Ease of Eating; 3 STARS The bar broke very easily so I was disappointed when trying to find an unbroken bar on the shelf! The bar was also very sweet and the chocolate sauce was very sticky and gloopy making it quite messy to eat and handle.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; Yes. This bar is worth a try! Just because it didn't suit my pallette 100%, doesn't mean others won't like it! I haven't tried the other 2 variations, although I'm sure all 33 are worth a try just for the thrill of eating a Wonka Bar.

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