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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Twitter: @BreakthroughBC

I haven't been directly affected by breast cancer, although all of us at some point will be affected directly or indirectly by cancer. In the UK, 1,000 women die from breast cancer every month. Awareness is being raised about breast cancer through many different ways this month and everyone can get involved!
Breakthrough have some exclusive pink products which you can view by CLICKING HERE that are available this October. Each item carries a minimum 10% donation and brands include GHD, Avon, GlamGlow, Warehouse, Debenhams, Sainsbury's and many more! I personally love the Viva Pink polish (which you can see below) and the GLAMGLOW Youth Mud looks very indulging! 

AVON Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel - Viva Pink - 12ml - RRP: £4
The swatches above are to illustrate fab pink shades. I've specifically picked Avon's Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in Viva Pink because Avon are donating 25% to Breakthrough Breast Cancer! 
1. NYC Expert Last Nail Polish - Long Time Lavender - RRP: £1.79
2. Sinful Colours Professional - Glass Pink - RRP: £1.99
3. MUA - Natural Days - RRP: £1
4. MUA - Strawberry Crush - RRP: £1
5. MUA - Bright Pink - RRP: £1
6. Collection lasting Gel Colour - Think Pink - RRP: £3.19
7. AVON Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel - Viva Pink - RRP: £4
GLAMGLOW is raising at least £7,000 from sales of this product through Breakthrough Breast Cancer! Marks and Spencer will also donate an additional 10% of their sales of GLAMGLOW Youth Mud to Breakthrough Breast Cancer, available in store and online. It's also available in Space NK stores and online.
GLAMGLOW YouthMud - RRP: £49.50

On Friday 18th October, Breakthough are urging everyone to get involved with the Great Pink Bake Off! It's very simple to get involved to help raise money and awareness, simply ask friends, family or work colleagues to bake some homemade treats, bring them altogether, make a donation and decide whose bake is the best! It's a great way to get everyone together but it's a great opportunity to raise awareness and knowing that the money raised will go towards Breakthrough Breast Cancer's vital work.
To get involved, simply call 08080 100 200 or visit

This October, Breakthrough are urging women to text SIGNS to 70500 to receive a free booklet the size of a credit card that details key signs and symptoms of breast cancer and what you should do if you find anything unusual. The handy small size means that it's a great size to fit into your purse or handbag - we all have one, there's no excuse!

TLC Booklet - Approx Size: 5.5cm X 8.5cm

The earlier breast cancer is detected, the better the chances of beating it! This means women need to regularly check for any change or irregularities, it's very simple! I'm nearly 21 and although I'm young, we should all still check and become aware of what is 'normal' for us and what to look out for.
There are 3 simple steps;
TOUCH - Can you feel anything unusual?
LOOK - Can you see any changes in the shape or texture of skin?
CHECK - anything unusual with your GP/Doctor
Breakthrough Breast Cancer ambassador D Hilary Jones, Comments:
"Many women don't check their breasts either because they don't know what signs and symptoms they are looking for or they simply forget to do it. I'm supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer's TLC Campaign to encourage as many people as possible to text SIGNS to 70500 to get their free handy guide that could save their life. The guide includes five common signs and symptoms of breast cancer and is handy enough to slip into a purse to serve as a reminder to make regular checks."

Breakthrough Breast Cancer ambassador, singer and fitness presenter, Michelle Heaton, says:
"Since finding out I carry the BRCA1 gene, breast cancer risk is something I have been extremely aware of. Even though I've had preventative surgery and a reconstruction, I am still very careful to check my breasts on a regular basis. I follow Breakthrough breast Cancer's Touch Look Check (TLC) routine and I tell all my friends and family to do the same. What's more, I'm encouraging everyone to get their own free TLC guide which explains what to look out for when you check your breasts.All you need to do is text SIGNS to 70500 to get your free handy guide today; it could save your life."
If you're supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer I'd love to know what you're doing! Drop a comment below or contact em via Twitter!


  1. This is such a lovely cause and it is great that a percentage goes towards Breast Cancer Awareness!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. Thanks! It was a massive eye opener to know what brands are donating and what activities are available to get involved in :) x


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