Monday, 23 February 2015

Pandora Valentine Competition Win

Pandora Moments Bracelet with Heart Clasp - No. 590719 - £55
A couple of weeks ago I entered a free competition that was being run by my local shopping centre; the Harpur Centre and Bedford Pandora store. The competition prize was a Pandora Moments bracelet with heart clasp and there would be a total of 5 winners. To enter, you had to fill out a form that required your name, address, email and telephone number and that was it - pretty easy eh!

I didn't think much else of it until I received a phone call at work on Friday 13th - unlucky for some! I was informed that I was 1 of  the 5 lucky winners to have been randomly selected and I think I pretty much deafened everyone around me and the lady on the phone!

The next day, Valentine's Day, I had to go into my local Pandora store to be measured for my bracelet, have my photo taken and meet those who organised the competition. It was such a surprise and a beautiful prize, I just had to share it with you!

The Pandora Moments bracelet is different to the standard Pandora bracelets as it has a heart clasp - a perfect touch as it was for a Valentine's competition! The heart clasp is engraved on both sides, one with the Pandora 'O' symbol and the other with the Pandora name. I'm not going to add any charms on it as I think it looks beautiful just as it is, plus my other bracelet is home to them :)

Do you own any Pandora jewellery? I love their designs!

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Pandora Heart Rings

If you're a regular reader, you'll know my love for Pandora jewellery from a previous post and you'll also know that the festive period brings Christmas and my Birthday! I decided to use my Christmas and Birthday money to treat myself to some Pandora rings that I had been looking at for a while and the New Year was the perfect opportunity! I know they aren't exactly never seen before, but they are so beautiful I wanted everyone to see!

Delicate Heart Ring £35 - Sterling Silver with Synthetic Ruby - No. 190896SGR // Heart Ring £45 - Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia - No. 190861CZ

They may both be hearts, but they are different. I had had my eye on both since late Summer but first tried both ring son on my 22nd Birthday and was torn between the two. I eventually decided on the open heart ring with clear cubic zirconia and the photos do not do it justice. The band is plain sterling silver with no detail, whereas the cubic zirconia stones sparkle in the light. It's simple but classic for any outfit and any occasion. 

A week or so later I decided to purchase the synthetic ruby ring as well! The band is different to the open heart ring; it's detailed with ridges. The stone may be a synthetic ruby, but we can dream can't we? I know it's not an expensive stone, but it sparkles and looks beautiful none the less!

Pandora jewellery make beautiful gifts and I can't wait to add more to my collection of charms, pendants and rings! Have you got any Pandora jewellery, or are you hinting at any for upcoming occasions? What do you think of it?

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Pandora Letter K Pendant Charm

We must all be familiar with Pandora, right? I must admit, I wasn't a massive fan at first - more tilting towards Links of London, but when I got up close to some of their designs, I fell in love. I love my bracelet and every single one of my charms means something to me and usually symbolize a specific life event or occasion. 

So, you can imagine my absolute delight and amazement when my Best Friend, Sophia, gifted me with this beautiful K pendant from Pandora for my 22nd birthday in December! I love it so much I wanted to share its beauty with you!

Letter K Pendant Charm - Pandora - No. 791323CZ
The pendant is sterling silver, approximately 1cm in length and adds sparkle with the pretty cubic zirconia stones. It means so much because it symbolizes me, because of my initial, obviously, and it's personal. If you know me quite well, you'll know I love personalised gifts and this gift hasn't left me neck hardly at all since my birthday in late December!

I certainly think that Pandora jewellery makes a perfect gift - especially if it means something to that person by symbolizing something. I love it, and can't thank Sophia enough for a wonderful and beautiful gift :)
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Saturday, 14 February 2015

My Dream Red Carpet Look | Award Show Season 2015 |

It's February and the award show season is well under way! Last week was the Grammy and Bafta awards and although the award recipients were exciting, I was more excited about who was wearing who!

I recently collaborated with Weddington Way - an online boutique specializing in bridesmaid dresses. The inspiration was to create my dream red carpet look and show how I would make my style statement. I never really get dressed up and go out so I was quite excited to put together what I would love to wear IF I was an A-list celeb! 

The look I have put together was inspired by Taylor Swift's 2015 Grammy's look, a custom Elie Saab halter dress in shades of teal and turquoise, I LOVED it! I've chosen a teal coloured dress and chosen to match the accessories together in a silver glitter colour palette. 
| 1. After Six 6676 Lux Chiffon Dress in Oasis -$250 | 2. Pandora  Heart Stud Earings - £45 | 3. Pandora Symbol of Love Bracelet - £45 | 4. Silver Glitter 'Audrine' Pointed Toe Court Shoe by Dune - £45 | 5. Jimmy Choo Sweetie Champagne Glitter Acrylic Clutch - £450 |
I'm not a fan of strapless dresses and being quite petite in size, I can't wear anything too big that drowns my figure. That's why I have chosen Weddington Way's AfterSize 6676 Lux Chiffon dress in the colour Oasis. The chiffon panel at the top still shows skin without being strapless or on one shoulder. The bow pulls you in at the waist and the draping fabric from the bust and through the center of the skirt of the dress gives height to the wearer. CLICK HERE for the full collection of chiffon dresses by Weddington Way!

I chose the colour 'Oasis' because it's similar to the colour of Taylor Swift's dress at the 2015 Grammy's. It's such a pigmented colour - perfect for upcoming Spring.

The dress has a high neckline and therefore I don't need a necklace, therefore I've kept the earrings and bracelet quite simple and matching in style. The heart symbols keep the theme in line and adds subtle sparkle with the cubic zirconia.

As the dress is full length, the shoes won't be the main piece, therefore I've chosen a simple style but added extreme sparkle with silver glitter - they'd be perfect for any outfit.

Matching with the shoes, I chose a silver glitter clutch bag by Jimmy Choo. As the shoes are hidden, I thought I'd make a statement with the bag! 

Taylor Swift hair and makeup - Grammy Awards 2014

Again, I have taken inspiration from Taylor Swift and therefore my desired hair and makeup inspiration has been taken from her 2014 Grammy Award look. My hair is roughly the same length as Taylor's in the above photo and I think this updo hairstyle is classic and simple, yet beautiful. I would keep the majority of my makeup look quite natural, with a natural pink cheek tint and similar colour lip, but bringing in the attention with a smokey eye.

I think my dream red carpet look is great for the award season as it's a classic dress, jazzed up with matching glitter accessories.

What do you think of my dream red carpet look? Who was your best dressed throughout the awards season, OR who was the worst?!

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Monday, 9 February 2015

Storm Flower | Debut Fragrance by Cheryl |

I received Cheryl's debut perfume, Storm Flower, as a Christmas present and I love it! I'm not a massive fan of expensive designer perfumes, although I am a bit skeptical on celebrity fragrances, BUT as soon as I smelt this, I fell in love!

Storm Flower eau de parfum by Cheryl - 50ml 
Firstly, what isn't to love about the packaging and bottle?! It's such a pretty design with the rose gold colour scheme and flower shaped bottle top - perfect for the floral scent and surprisingly easy to hold! The box is quite unique. It doesn't open as you'd expect - you pull off the box from the base and the perfume sits in a purple mold and I must admit, I was pretty impressed as I hadn't seen that before! The bottle is kinda cool too as it's rose gold at the bottom and as it edges up the bottle it fades - a really nice effect and use of colour.

Now onto the scent itself! 
"...luscious Mandarin and Nectarine, Stormflower has a vibrant floral heart ... Freesia and Peach Blossom ... Vanilla, White Musk and Sandalwood..."

You can definitely smell the Mandarin, Nectarine and Peach Blossom; together they smell beautiful - reminding me of Spring! Something else that I worry about with perfumes is how long you can smell them for throughout the day, but it's safe to say that this one lasts a while. I am very happy with it!

I have only been using it for a few weeks, but I can't fault it. I really do love the packaging, bottle and fragrance and when it runs out I will definitely repurchasing it!

Did you get it for Christmas too?! What did you think, Yay or Nay?!

Price: 5 STARS 50ml - RRP £27.00 This is quite a reasonable price for the amount you get. It is also available in 30ml and 100ml and gift sets.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: Yes Well it all depends on your preferences to fragrances, but I love this. It's not like a 'general' fragrance and it's perfect for getting the mood for spring.

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Valentine's Day | GIFT IDEAS |

Valentine's Day comes around the same date every year, 14th February. There are two types of people with opinions regarding VDay; those that love the gifts and presents and those who think it's a complete waste of time and too commercialized. I must admit that I am between the two opinions. I have a boyfriend of 7 years and even though we recognize VDay, we don't go over board with gifts - just a card and some flowers is enough for us!

But never the less, I have compiled a VDay Gift Idea post to help those of you looking for a gift for that special someone, male or female!

1. Personalised Wooden Keyring Set - £24 | 2. Storm Flower by Cheryl - £27 | 3. Pink Heart Umbrella - £18.99 | 4. Millie's Cookies Giant Cookie | 5. Pandora Entwined Hearts Ring - £70 | 6. Silver Double Heart Photo Frame |

| 1. Meal Out | 2. Personalised Leather Wallet - £38.50 | 3. Jeff Banks Gun Metal Tie Pin and Cufflink Set - £28 | 4. Rotary Watch - £99 | 5. Calvin Klein Boxer Shorts - £416. Diesel Only the Brave Tattoo - £39 |

PS. Just a little note, I have previously bought the Rotary watch and Diesel Only the Brave Tattoo aftershave for my boyfriend and he loves them :)

What are you doing for VDay? Anything out of the ordinary? or are you just like me and my boyfriend - staying in and just spending quality time together with some popcorn!

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

BiG FATTest SilKy smOOther with Extra Oomphness | Lee Stafford |

As the weather starts to change, it can have an adverse affect your mood, skin and hair so we all need to take a bit more time to take care of ourselves this Autumn/Winter. I was kindly given The Lee Stafford Big Fattest Silky Smoother Brush at a blogging meetup last year and since using it for a few months, I thought I would give a review on it.
Lee Stafford - The BiG FATTest SilKy smOOther - £10.99
This hairbrush is no ordinary hair brush! The brush has dual style bristles which are both angled and straight. The combination of natural horse hair and nylon pins are claimed to "give you the smoothest, sleekest hair around, while the ceramic barrel gives you added shine and care."

It's quite a  long hair brush, but this is good because it's also perfect for those, like me with longer hair and for creating "extra oomphness!"  The dual style bristles are a big talking point - the nylon bristles are high heat resistant which also penetrate hair of all textures and all lengths and they smooth and caress the cuticles of the hair to help promote positive hair growth and shine.

 The handle of the brush is quite different too. The pointed end is used to create partings or sections of hair when styling - however as the brush is quite large anyway, I find it quite hard to use it for what it's designed for

I have been using this hairbrush for a few months now and I'm in 2 minds about it. It's great as a hair brush - it really gets through my hair and I think it has made it shinier. It feels it anyway, but it could be a placebo - me thinking it because of what it claims to do. For what it is, it is a bit expensive as I could easily create the same effect by using shampoos/conditioners etc.

Price: 3 STARS £10.99 is quite expensive in my opinion for a hair brush - even though it states all of those wonderful things.

Promises: 3 STARS Even though I think my hair reacted positively to using it, I can't say I would be 100% sure. It could be a whole load of things!

Ease of Use: 4 STARS The brush is really easy to use as a brush, but parting/sectioning the hair with the handle? nuh-uh. It's very clumpy so I just used my little tail comb instead.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: MAYBE If they had the money/budget to spend I would recommend it, but if not then there is a combination of products and accessories on the high street that can create pretty much the same effect.

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