Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Valentine's Day | GIFT IDEAS |

Valentine's Day comes around the same date every year, 14th February. There are two types of people with opinions regarding VDay; those that love the gifts and presents and those who think it's a complete waste of time and too commercialized. I must admit that I am between the two opinions. I have a boyfriend of 7 years and even though we recognize VDay, we don't go over board with gifts - just a card and some flowers is enough for us!

But never the less, I have compiled a VDay Gift Idea post to help those of you looking for a gift for that special someone, male or female!

1. Personalised Wooden Keyring Set - £24 | 2. Storm Flower by Cheryl - £27 | 3. Pink Heart Umbrella - £18.99 | 4. Millie's Cookies Giant Cookie | 5. Pandora Entwined Hearts Ring - £70 | 6. Silver Double Heart Photo Frame |

| 1. Meal Out | 2. Personalised Leather Wallet - £38.50 | 3. Jeff Banks Gun Metal Tie Pin and Cufflink Set - £28 | 4. Rotary Watch - £99 | 5. Calvin Klein Boxer Shorts - £416. Diesel Only the Brave Tattoo - £39 |

PS. Just a little note, I have previously bought the Rotary watch and Diesel Only the Brave Tattoo aftershave for my boyfriend and he loves them :)

What are you doing for VDay? Anything out of the ordinary? or are you just like me and my boyfriend - staying in and just spending quality time together with some popcorn!

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  1. Live those wooden key rings x

    1. Me too! They're really unique and personal :) x

  2. Such lovely gift ideas! I would have been so pleased to receive any of the 'her' items. I would have eaten that whole Millies Cookie to myself haha!

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