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NYC Nail Polish Spring/Summer '13 Shades

NYC, New York Colour, have some great Spring/Summer shades available! Below are a few I have chosen to show off.
The selection I have chosen consists of the NYC Expert Last Nail Polish which boasts 'up to 7 day wear' and the NYC In a New York Minute shade which states 'quick dry'. The review comprises of 5 shades; 2 glitter and 3 plain.
The bottles are easy to store with a good top to handle whilst painting. and the bottles are 9.7ml so they're great for a few uses over this season! NYC products are available to view on their NYC Online Store and available to purchase in Superdrug Stores/Online.
Left to Right: Gramercy Glitz, Lavender Cupcake, Raindrop, Long Time Lavender, Lights-Camera-Glitter - 9.7ml
Gramercy Glitz (155) Swatch
Gramercy Glitz CLICK HERE
Great for layering over other shades to turn a matte/plain colour into an eyecatching sparkly colour! I usually use two coats to enhance the amount of sparkle and glitter but you can play around with it to see how much impact you want.
The colour is really subtle, so it's not in your face and I find it great for work. I work in retail and whilst handling the tills, sock etc. my nails and hands get a bit battered, so even when it does chip because it's glitter you can't really notice!
The only thing I find is that because it's glitter, it is harder to get off compared to the others. It's not a problem and it isn't majorly hard so it doesn't bother me that much. The polish also gets quite thick once it's been opened and not used for a few weeks, as compared with the others which stay quite fresh. Also, worse than chipping it that when washing up, the heat from the water seems to strip the polish from my nails, so beware!

Lights-Camera-Glitter (105) Swatch

Lights-Camera-Glitter CLICK HERE
Pretty and eyecatching. I find that you can wear it in the day when the sun's out and at night to add some sparkle to an outfit. You can also layer it over the top of a subtle blue shade to jazz it up for a day-night look!
Again, when washing up the polish seems to just peel off from my nails :( But, similar to Gramercy Glitz, if this does chip (which I find only happens with my heavy duty work) it isn't too noticeable due to the glitter :) and it also gets thick and sticky too!

Long Time Lavender (190) Swatch

Long Time Lavender CLICK HERE
More of a subtle pink colour. It's perfect for matching with pink shades of an outfit, so I love using it this time of year! I use this shade as a base for Gramercy Glitz to glam it up a bit. I usually add 2 coats to create a thicker colour and coat. It dries really quick, so you can either paint your nails in advance or 30 mins before you go out, just enough time to make yourself perfect.
The first day the polish looks great, but after a couple of days, the polish seems to go very thin and come away from the tips of my nails. However, compared with Gramercy Glitz and Lights-Camera-Glitter, it's really versatile when washing up as it doesn't come off - great!
When taking the polish off, it's quite easy as there's no hard work in trying to rub it off hard.

Lavender Cupcake (257) Swatch
Lavender Cupcake CLICK HERE

This shade has such a cute name! I'm not sure about this colour. It's a pastel shade so it's perfect for Spring/Summer but I never know what to combine it with outfit wise! I apply 2 coats and this gives a great thick coat with no streaks. Similar to Long Time Lavender, the polish wears thin at the nail tips and comes away slightly, but is great with lifting, washing up and general day-to-day work.
It's really easy to take off with a cotton wool pad and some nail varnish remover - I use just a cheap and cheerful one and that works fine :)

Raindrop ( 325) Swatch


This shade is a pastel blue colour. The colour compliments the Spring and Summer sunshine and blue sky, although I was a little disappointed with the consistency of the polish and how it was applied. You need to apply 2 coats of this colour as it looks very streaky with 1, but you have to be very thin with the coats and very quick due to the 60 second drying time. It was very thick though to apply which made it look too heavy on my nails compared to Lavender Cupcake. It was easy to take off with a regular nail polish remover although it did chip a little on the first day of application.
I really want to try other shades from NYC such as Mint Macaroon (253) CLICK HERE which looks beautiful for summer sun and going out in the evening sunshine.

Price; 4 STARS The range of polishes shown are priced at £2.49 and £1.79, or 3 for 2 in certain Superdrug stores at the moment - plus you can use your NUS card. The pots are quite big so they're good value for money.

Promises; 3 STARS NYC claim that a variety of the polishes last up to 7 days, which is true. Even though the majority of the polish was still fresh and thick, after a couple of days the polish at the tips would start wearing away and start to come off. The 60 Minute Quick Dry Polish was quick to dry but then again this made the polish very thick and hard to apply my desired 2 coats. So you need to be quite thin with the polish.

Ease of Use; 5 STARS The brushes are great at covering the nail and evenly distribute the polish. They dry quite quickly too so you don't have to wait ages for them to dry or worry about smudging.

Would I recommend to a friend?; Yes These nail polishes are easy to store and use. There are a range of colours to suit every mood and the glitter varieties are great to turn a day look into a night look in minutes.


  1. I think Lavender Cupcake and Raindrop are my faves. I am not sure how they will look with my skin tone, but I am bold enough to try it anyway.


    1. If you try a similar colour upload some photos, I'd love to see them!

  2. I LOVE raindrop!! such a pretty vibrant color <3

  3. I think the blue and lilac are my faves, they would give such a nice pop of colour to an outfit! Nice blog hun xx

  4. raindrop is such a lovely colour! i love NYC, they're so affordable x

  5. Love the blue nailpolish, lovely post!


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