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NIVEA Lip Care Collection

Whatever season it is, our skin and hair takes a beating whether it's too dry, sore, chapped or in need for some general TLC.
Nivea is one of my favourite brands and I love their handy lip care range. There are a number of varieties to suit your needs and to help soothe, protect and moisturise.
NIVEA Lip Care - Hydro Care, Soothe & Protect, Milk & Honey, Soft Rose, Pearly Shine - 4.8g
I've taken a selection of Nivea Lip Care products to review as I think they're handy to pop in your bag when you're off to work or out and about and they're great products to generally take care of your lips. I receieved a set of NIVEA Lip Care products for Christmas and been using them for a few months!

"..Intense and long lasting moisture...non greasy"

This balm is one of my fave! It's so simple. The blue colour of the packaging symbolises the hydro water reference which definitely comes through the product. The moisturising feeling lasts such a long time due to the pure water and aloe vera, and it doesn't feel too heavy on my lips either due to the light formula. The balm isn't greasy which is great as if it gets on clothes etc. it won't mark too easily. It also has SPF 10, great for protecting my lips in the sunshine!
 It might not have a jazzy over the top packaging and immense colour, but this balm is great! It's always in my handbag and goes wherever I go! 

"..Specially formulated by Nivea skin care experts to provide immediate relief for sore, chapped lips."

My lips suffer A LOT during extreme weather conditions such as the winter months and when I have a cold and I find using this balm really helpful. This balm is similar to Hydro Care I have to re-apply it regularly as it's not as greasy as Vaseline but I do feel it working and I am thankful for anything that soothes my dry and chapped lips when they are in dyer need.
"..Pure and Natural - inspired by nature and contains rich caring honey and healthy milk extracts"
The packaging reminds me of summer, yellow symbolising the sun and the Honey extracts. The balm is enriched with natural ingredients which is great for your skin and lips. It smells mainly like flowers but you can also smell the honey coming through too. When I first used this I did need a good few applications to feel any mositurisation, but after a couple of times of using it, it glides on fine although after 10 minutes, my lips did feel a bit dry again and chappy so I feel like I needed to keep applying it.

" provide a velvety feeling with a rose sheen"
The pink packaging is right up my street! I love the rose design on the lid - feminine and girly. I have to apply the balm a few times to get a real velvet and smooth feeling but it doesn't leave my lips feeling icky or dry afterwards, although I don't see any Rose Sheen. This might be down to the colour of my lips and will vary from person to person.
"..with precious Pearl and Silk extracts, combines long lasting moisturisation and a beautiful pearly shine which leaves lips silky smooth and velvety soft"

Pearly Shine is similar to Soft Rose, the packaging is attractive because it's a pink metallic colour and it claims to not only moisturise your lips, but leave them with a hint of shine! The balm smells really nice, like sugary sweets, yum. It goes on really easy and I don't need to apply it as much as others. After a while, it still feels moisturising and doesn't go all dry and cracked. This balm contains SPF 10 which is great for the outdoors to help protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays, especially in the summer sunshine.
5 STARS The price of the lip balm products varies depending on what one you pick but they're all very reasonable! All major drugstores, pharmacies and supermarkets stock various NIVEA lip care products and you can save a few pennies if you use your NUS card too!

Promises; 4 STARS Some of the lip care products didn't work as well as others. My favourite is Hydro Care because you can feel it moisturising for a while after the application and it's not greasy. Most help the chapped and dry lips so they did the job, but you need to find the best appropriate one for you.

Ease of Use; 5 STARS The balms are naturally quite hard when first used, so after a couple fo applications they glide on very well. The Hydro Care and Pearly Shine balms are great and you can really feel them moisturising for a while after. The packaging is nifty - easy to hold and store in your handbag and makeup storage at home.

Would I recommend to a friend?; YES Being quite small, the balms are easy to store and use. There's a variety of different lip care products to suit whatever you're looking for and some have natural extracts as well as adding a tinted shine/colour. 


  1. I'll have to try these! I just did a lip balm review! xx

  2. Since I was little, I've always had a Nivea lip balm in my makeup collection. They are so affordable and work wonders on your lips, my mum used them, my grandma used them and I'll probably tell my kids to use them if I have any and the brand is still around.

    Cute blog, following! :)

    1. Thanks for reading, glad you liked it! I'll definitely be using it for a good while of forever!


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