Monday, 27 July 2015

My First MAC Lipstick Purchases | Plumful & Twig |

I know what you all think, "She's never tried a MAC lipstick before?!", but it's true. I never thought much to the £15.50 price tag to be honest, UNTIL I tried one in America a couple of months ago, and I don't think I'll ever look back!

I purchased Plumful first at Gatwick airport and Twig whilst on holiday in Florida Mall.
Originally, I wanted Velvet Teddy, but after seeing how much it didn't show up on my lips I decided it wasn't for me! Dark reds and browns look good with my skin tone and therefore I was drawn to Plumful in lustre and Twig in satin. Both shades are different to eachother but match my skin and moods perfectly. Of course, plumful is shinier and glossier compared to twig which is more matte of the two.

One thing I can say about my first MAC lipstick experience is that they are durable! I apply my lipstick when I get to work and it genuinely stays on throughout the whole day! If I eat quite a lot then I do re-apply, but if I didn't my lipstick would still be noticeable! They also don't bleed or fade which is great for a 'just applied' look throughout the day.

Therefore, as I have a few events coming up later this month, I have treated myself to another one; a satin lipstick in Captive! I genuinely will not go back now I've tried MAC. Why didn't anyone push me to take the plunge before?!

When did you try MAC lipsticks? And would you recommend me any shades to try (staying in the current deep red/brown tones!)

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dorothy Perkins Sunnies | Fashionable & Practical |

I know we haven't had much of a Summer, but when the sunshine comes out, so do the sunnies! I didn't by any means need any more pairs, I have about 4 lurking in my drawers somewhere, but when I saw the cute design of these from Dorothy Perkins, I just couldn't resist!
The main thing that caught my eye (excuse the pun) were the shape of the lenses - they're hearts! I thought they were a super cute shape without looking tacky! The frame is gold in colour and this entwines with the brown tones of the lenses. I can't remember exactly how much they were, but they were approximately £6 which I think is a total steal!

Usually when I wear sunglasses they irritate my nose and make me feel a bit uncomfortable after about 30 minutes, but these didn't. I wore these for the whole 2 and a half hours it took me to drive to my sister's house by the coast and they were soo comfy! They were really good at blocking out the sun too - fashionable and practical - definitely a keeper pair!

Have you got any sunglasses with cute shaped lenses that are fashionable AND practical?!

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Monday, 13 July 2015

University | Humorous Hints & Tips |

I finished University a year ago, and I am proud to say I graduated with a 2:1 BA Hons in Business Management. The majority of students-to-be would have already chosen their desired University options and therefore I thought I would pull together a humorous post about some hints and tips for University to put a light spin on a situation that can be quite stressful and daunting for a lot of you!

1.  No matter what year you're in, your grades DO count. Don't fall victim to "the first year doesn't count" 

2.  At the beginning of the year you'll always make an effort with your look but by the end you really will not care - sitting in the library with your hair doused in Batiste and in a ponytail will become a regular thing. 

3.  New books are daylight robbery.. scrap that.. even used books are daylight robbery. But they need to be bought so bite the bullet and look for the best deal of an expensive situation!

4. Do you know how to budget? If not, learn - it will definitely be worth it.

5.  Believe it or not, the library is your friend. You may laugh now, but you'll be living in it by the end of the year.

6.  You will have no back or arms after lugging 1,573 books around the Uni campus for study.

7. Post-it notes and highlighters help you wake up and focus when there are 1,568,569 things to think about during exam time.

8.  Sophia and Simon were my partners in crime and best friends - it was great to share the journey with them and know I wasn't the only one that was stressed. It's always good to have partners in crime.

9. You'll meet a lot of people who you'll question how on earth they got into uni or who they are even still attending. 

 10. You don't have to party or get absolutely blind drunk to have a good time.

11. Whilst 'living' in the library, a bag full of snacks helps because let's face it, finishing those assignments into the early hours needs some nibbles!
12. You know those books you'll buy for those 1,572 lectures in a week.. you probably won't use them throughout the whole year, BUT just as the exam comes, BOOM - you need it.. where is it? 
13. And finally, you will never get away from the generalisation and view of being a student means that your lazy and you do no work - just accept it because you will never change their opinion.
Are you heading off to Uni this year or have you just finished and can relate to my humorous words of wisdom?
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