Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mickey Mouse Mug | Disney Series |

I have dedicated this part of my Disney series to a beautiful birthday gift I received from my Best Friend Sophia; a Mickey Mouse Mug from the Disney Store! It's a perfect gift to remind me and get me excited for my trip of a lifetime but also really useful as I love tea and hot chocolate, I can use the ceramic spoon to stir and I can hold Mickeys ear whilst drinking :) How cute is that?!

Mickey Mouse Ceramic Mug and Spoon - Disney Store 2014
The mug itself is bigger than the majority of the mugs in my kitchen cupboard and although the larger size may mean that it's a bit too big for some, but you don't have to fill it up to the top and I do love my tea, so therefore it's perfect for me! 

The mug isn't just any old mug. It comes with a ceramic Mickey Mouse spoon! The spoon is decorated with red and white swirls on the handle with a green Mickey mouse head at the top. You can use it to stir your drink or as I do, just let it sit there and look pretty! The mug itself is decorated with Mickey Mouse's eyes and nose with 3D ears on the sides and is glossy all over making it shine. The eyes look like they're peeking at you. so he looks really cute and innocent! The inside of the mug is painted bright red, meaning tea and coffee marks won't stain the bottom if it was white for instance.

What I really love about my Mickey Mouse mug is the meaning behind it. Everytime I use it, it reminds me of my Best Friend and also about my upcoming trip to Disney World Florida - so it instantly puts a smile on my face! What more could you want?

I am worried about using my mug - I don't want to damage it or mark it in any way because it's soo pretty! I will be using it of course - I will just be very careful when using ti and when washing it up!

Do you have a Disney mug? There are soo many characters!
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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Minnie Mouse Backpack | Disney Series |

This post is dedicated to my Minnie Mouse Backpack! I purchased this just after Christmas and thought it would be perfect for going round the Disney parks in May! It was in the children's section BUT it is quite big and it is large enough for my essentials when I'm wandering around the parks and you have to admit - I'm not exactly going to look out of place in Walt Disney World with a Minnie Mouse backpack am I?!

Minnie Mouse Backpack - BHS - £12
Now, size. I did mention it's a kids backpack and no it's not going to fit your jacket, purse, camera, drink, spare pair of shoes and an umbrella in it, but it's 13"/ 33 cm high and 10" / 25.5. cm wide which is a pretty reasonable size for essentials and plenty of room for me! There are adjustable straps on the back so you can adjust it to your preference and size and mine is perfect and it isn't even on the biggest length! Similar to the usual backpack designs, there are two zip compartments which both have sufficient space and room to get in and out.

Now for the design! As you can see, it's pink and it's Minnie Mouse, love it already! It's mainly pink and white stars and hearts by there is an occasional Minnie Mouse face silhouette added in! The backpack is also decorated with the text 'Minnie Mania' just above the smaller zip compartment on the front. I think this will allow me to fit in perfectly in the Walt Disney World parks in May!

The Minnie Mouse face on the small zip compartment at the front is plastic and her ears and bow are 3D which adds to the aesthetics and look making ti a bit quirky. Both zips are decorated with large pink bows to make them easy to grab hold of (obviously because it is originally for children), but it'd the little things that make you think that the design really goes a long way.

What do you think of my backpack? I love it!
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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Alice in Wonderland Stationery | Disney Series |

If you've been reading lately, you'll know that I am off to Walt Disney Florida in May and I am so excited words cannot explain! Today I thought I'd share this beautiful Alice in Wonderland 2014/2015 planner and stationery with you. I purchased it before Christmas from British Home Stores as part of their Christmas range, but I believe they may be carrying stationery throughout the year.

I love a good planner; somewhere to write all the important things I need to remember and something that makes me smile when I open it - something that this Alice in Wonderland planner definitely does! Not only is it decorated with a super cute design, but it's totally practical and very useful!

It's hardback so it's not flimsy but as it's not laminated or wipe-clean, I am worried about it getting the slightest bit of dirt on! It's decorated with white and pale pink horizontal stripes and secured with pale pink elastic. What really makes the design for me is gold foil text and the Alice in Wonderland illustration in the bottom left hand corner of the planner - how eye catching are they?!

The planner is a 15 month weekly diary from November 2014- January 2016 - definitely enough time to plan ahead and also get ready for a new one in the next new year. The diary is divided into sections and boxes with plenty of room for notes, important dates and reminders. Towards the back of the diary - after January 2016, there are a load of 'notes' pages where each of these pages is illustrated with either The White Rabbit or Alice in Wonderland herself. As there are soo many 'notes' pages, it's great because you don't have to scrimp on space!

Alice in Wonderland Diary - BHS - £7 // Alice in Wonderland Pencils - BHS - £5
I also purchased a set of matching Alice in Wonderland pencils. There are 24 pencils in total and 6 different designs. The designs all coincide with the design of the diary so they are a beautiful set/gift to someone. They are soo cute that I don't actually want to use either the diary or the pencils haha, am I mad?!

I bought the set from BHS before Christmas and it came to a total of £12 which I think is an absolute bargain considering the design and use of it! This is definitely something I am so glad I purchased in late 2014 - even though it's Disney, it's grown up, mature and yet totally beautiful.

What do you think of it? Have you got any Disney stationery yourself?

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Friday, 3 April 2015

The My Disney Experience App | Disney Series |

Whilst getting ready for our Walt Disney trip, Simon and I have been using the My Disney Experience App as a virtual planning tool. The My Disney Experience App is free to download and is available online and via mobile. We used both the desktop and mobile versions and found them very easy and hours of fun!

 The app can be used by current Walt Disney Guests as well as those planning their visit in the future! It's a virtual plan and itinerary for you and your party where you can create a personal profile equipped with your own character profile picture and link those travelling with you so you can view and add activities and plans throughout your stay together.

All of your accommodation and visit information is available and linked to your My Disney Experience App. You can view your hotel informationlink your park tickets/passes as well as FastPass+ experiencescustomise your MagicBand (if staying at a Disney Resort) and also purchase if desired, a Memory Maker.

Guests to browse park opening times, maps, facilities, and shops, view Character locations, view ride and show wait times, make dining reservations and add desired attractions/activities to a personal wishlist. You can view and amend your wishlist whenever you wish – like a checklist throughout your stay! There is free wi-fi throughout the majority of public places in Disney Park resorts and hotels - meaning you can access your My Disney Experience App wherever and whenever!


A few Character Meet and Greet Times for the Animal Kingdom Theme Park

6 of many ride waiting times in the Magic Kingdom

3 of many dining option in the Magic Kingdom Park

A few of the very long list of my Wishlist

 What I LOVE most about this app if the attention detail to ensure your stay and experience is magical. It really has everything you need and if you’re stuck, there’s a UK number to call if you need assistance (but we haven’t had to use that).

The attention to detail is truly magical and so in-depth! For example, the app allows you to not just view Character meet and greet times, but the GPS enabled maps allow you to view their locations in each park! Another example is that dining reservations can be made by searching the restaurant name, location, budget or cuisine – choosing your dining experience by personal preference.

Cinderella's character location in the Magic Kingdom Park

My boyfriend and I absolutely love using the My Disney Experience App! It really has got us in the mood for our Walt Disney World trip in May and we are soo excited!! It has everything you need to plan your visit form the day you get there until the day you leave that every day of your stay is going to be jam packed with activities and things to do! I would highly recommend anyone going to Walt Disney to download this App, in-fact I'd go as far to say you NEED this app to actually go!

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

No7 Match Made Lipstick Service | No7 Series |

I was never a wearer of lipstick and I still don't wear lipstick all of the time, only on special occasions. I was first introduced to lipsticks when I went for a makeup consultation at boots No7 counter and I was opened up to a whole new world.

No7 have launched a Match Made Lipstick Service, a similar concept to their Match Made Foundation service - but with lipsticks! It's very simple, once you've been matched to your specific foundation with No7's Match Made Foundation Service, you can discover all the lipstick colours matched to your skin tone.

No7 provide swatch cards with your Match Made Skin-True shade, accompanied with the various lipstick shades for your skin tone. No7 lipsticks come in two different finishes which are shown on the front and back of the swatch card; Moisture Drench which keeps your lips smooth and soft with a moisturising formulation and Stay Perfect which lasts up to 6 hours.

I have previously bought Ginger Rose and loved it and that's why it looks slightly used - naughty me. When No7 had a 3 for 2 event over a couple of weeks, I couldn't resist by taking advantage and stocking up on bits ready for my holiday and that's when I thought I'd treat myself to a new lipstick; Soft Tulip.

No7 Moisture Drench Lipsticks - Left to Right: Ginger Rose and Soft Tulip - £9.95 

All No7 lipsticks are hypo allergenic, just like their makeup which is great for those with sensitive skin like myself. The lipsticks also have an SPF 15 which is good news for summer and general upkeep of your lips during sunshine hours. Both of the lipsticks featured are from the Moisture Drench range and as I suffer with dry lips - these are great for me and whilst wearing them I had no issues - except for needing to re-apply every few hours.

Ginger Rose looks slightly brown with a touch of red on the swatch card - and I find on my lips that's exactly what it is. The pigment is really good and you can tell when I have it on!

Soft Tulip has a slightly more intense colour with a bit more red/pink.  Again, the pigmentation is really intense and definitely makes a statement with any look.

Even though I am a lover of the colour pink, I know the colour does not suit my skin tone and therefore my love for these lipstick shades grows even more as I know they look great with my match made true skin shade; Warm Ivory.

I can't wait to treat myself to more shades!
Price: 4 STARS £9.95 is pretty reasonable for a lipstick. especially when you look at other brands, plus I got it for nothing really when you take into account the 3 for 2 as the lipstick was the cheapest item.

Promises: 4 STARS The lipsticks do feel hydrating on the lips but I find I have to reapply after a couple of hours.

Ease of Use: 4 STARS The lipsticks are really easy to apply but I do find you have to re-apply after a few hours, but this might be normal?

Would I Recommend to a Friend?:YES These lipsticks are great. I love the fact you can find a shade that matches and compliments your skin tone with a variety of colours and two different types.
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