Saturday, 11 April 2015

Alice in Wonderland Stationery | Disney Series |

If you've been reading lately, you'll know that I am off to Walt Disney Florida in May and I am so excited words cannot explain! Today I thought I'd share this beautiful Alice in Wonderland 2014/2015 planner and stationery with you. I purchased it before Christmas from British Home Stores as part of their Christmas range, but I believe they may be carrying stationery throughout the year.

I love a good planner; somewhere to write all the important things I need to remember and something that makes me smile when I open it - something that this Alice in Wonderland planner definitely does! Not only is it decorated with a super cute design, but it's totally practical and very useful!

It's hardback so it's not flimsy but as it's not laminated or wipe-clean, I am worried about it getting the slightest bit of dirt on! It's decorated with white and pale pink horizontal stripes and secured with pale pink elastic. What really makes the design for me is gold foil text and the Alice in Wonderland illustration in the bottom left hand corner of the planner - how eye catching are they?!

The planner is a 15 month weekly diary from November 2014- January 2016 - definitely enough time to plan ahead and also get ready for a new one in the next new year. The diary is divided into sections and boxes with plenty of room for notes, important dates and reminders. Towards the back of the diary - after January 2016, there are a load of 'notes' pages where each of these pages is illustrated with either The White Rabbit or Alice in Wonderland herself. As there are soo many 'notes' pages, it's great because you don't have to scrimp on space!

Alice in Wonderland Diary - BHS - £7 // Alice in Wonderland Pencils - BHS - £5
I also purchased a set of matching Alice in Wonderland pencils. There are 24 pencils in total and 6 different designs. The designs all coincide with the design of the diary so they are a beautiful set/gift to someone. They are soo cute that I don't actually want to use either the diary or the pencils haha, am I mad?!

I bought the set from BHS before Christmas and it came to a total of £12 which I think is an absolute bargain considering the design and use of it! This is definitely something I am so glad I purchased in late 2014 - even though it's Disney, it's grown up, mature and yet totally beautiful.

What do you think of it? Have you got any Disney stationery yourself?

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