Saturday, 18 April 2015

Minnie Mouse Backpack | Disney Series |

This post is dedicated to my Minnie Mouse Backpack! I purchased this just after Christmas and thought it would be perfect for going round the Disney parks in May! It was in the children's section BUT it is quite big and it is large enough for my essentials when I'm wandering around the parks and you have to admit - I'm not exactly going to look out of place in Walt Disney World with a Minnie Mouse backpack am I?!

Minnie Mouse Backpack - BHS - £12
Now, size. I did mention it's a kids backpack and no it's not going to fit your jacket, purse, camera, drink, spare pair of shoes and an umbrella in it, but it's 13"/ 33 cm high and 10" / 25.5. cm wide which is a pretty reasonable size for essentials and plenty of room for me! There are adjustable straps on the back so you can adjust it to your preference and size and mine is perfect and it isn't even on the biggest length! Similar to the usual backpack designs, there are two zip compartments which both have sufficient space and room to get in and out.

Now for the design! As you can see, it's pink and it's Minnie Mouse, love it already! It's mainly pink and white stars and hearts by there is an occasional Minnie Mouse face silhouette added in! The backpack is also decorated with the text 'Minnie Mania' just above the smaller zip compartment on the front. I think this will allow me to fit in perfectly in the Walt Disney World parks in May!

The Minnie Mouse face on the small zip compartment at the front is plastic and her ears and bow are 3D which adds to the aesthetics and look making ti a bit quirky. Both zips are decorated with large pink bows to make them easy to grab hold of (obviously because it is originally for children), but it'd the little things that make you think that the design really goes a long way.

What do you think of my backpack? I love it!
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