Monday, 22 September 2014

Tesco & F+F Fashion | The Edgy Autumn Look |

What's an Autumn wardrobe without a biker jacket and boots? In my opinion, the biker jacket and boots are a must have staple within any wardrobe, everyone needs them. After re-assessing my Autumn wardrobe, I decided that this year was the year to invest in some new Autumn attire and I was amazed that I found my perfect Autumn pieces in Tesco / F + F!

Faux Fur Collar Biker Jacket
Faux Fur Collar Biker Jacket - Age 12-13 - £22
Like I said, what's an Autumn wardrobe without a biker jacket?! I wear mine out and about in town in the day and through to the night when I go out for a meal when there's a chill about. What's not to love?

I was amazed when one caught my eye in Tesco but I have to admit, it was in the Children's clothing section (please don't judge, kids clothes come up quite big these days!). The jacket is faux leather and lined, but at £22 you can't complain and just a note, the prices elevate with regards to sizes!
What was a major seller for me was the faux fur. It's detachable around the collar, so you don't have to have it on all of the time and as it's fastened with buttons, it's not majorly fiddly but it is secure so it's not a just a whap on and whap off job.  The shoulders are decorated with epaulettes on the sleeves which adds to the aesthetics and eye and the tops of the sleeves are detailed with a stripe pattern created by the direction that the fabric has been sown.

It has a zip which has an asymmetric zip fastening style, so it fastens to the side slightly, making it a bit of an eyecatcher but because of the collar flaps, I prefer not to fasten it to the top as it feels slightly uncomfortable with all the fabric underneath. The breast collar is detailed with poppers on both points, adding to the aesthetics and look of the jacket rather than function.

The jacket has functional zipped pockets and although they aren't majorly deep, this could be because it is a childs jacket!
This jacket isn't the most amazing jacket I've seen on the high street, but at £22 I can't be negative about it. Considering my experience with age 12-13 kids clothes, it fits me very well. The quality is very good and it's pretty much everything I am looking for in a biker jacket this season.

Now; Shoes!
Zip Front Wedge Boot
Zip Front Wedge Boot - £25
 Firstly, the boots are only available in black but I feel if they came in a deep wine colour they'd be a hit, especially as it's bang on this season! Secondly, I am not a heel person. I much prefer flat boots or dollies and if I ever do wear heels, they're a maximum 3 inches and for special occasions! When I saw these boots in F + F at Tesco, I just knew I would wear them. They are perfect for creating an edgy look this Autumn season and perfect to rock up an outfit on a night out.
They are faux suede so they are soft to touch, giving them a high end look to them! The boots feature a double buckle on the side and a functional zip on the front. Although it's functional, it's purely for aesthetics as there is an inside ankle zip to help get them on and off!

 The heel size is 7.5cm, 3.5 inches and bearable due to the wedge as it gives you more balance. I think the wedge is soo much easier to walk in to be honest, do you agree? The soles of the boots are cleated, giving you extra grip and makes it more comfortable to walk. Talking of walking, I wore these out a few times and I am in love. They are amazing - I really need to start investing in some new and 'grown up' clothes ready for this season!

What do you think of the two new additions to my wardrobe this Autumn season? Have you bought anything new or are there some things you just can't part with?

Price: 4 STARS You can't really be negative about a faux leather jacket being £22, not in my opinion anyway. £25 is also quite reasonable for the wedged boots, but there are similar ones on the high street at similar prices too.

Promises: 5 STARS These will definitely keep you up to date with the trends this Autumn. They're must-have staples in any wardrobe.

Ease of Wear: 5 STARS The jacket is very easy to put on and take off as well as wear about town whilst shopping or on a night out. The boots are equally easy to wear - I don't even feel like I have them on, even with the heel! Wedges all the way!

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: YES Don't knock buying clothes from your local supermarket. The clothes you can find can surprise you. Have a peek, you'll be impressed.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

No7 Gel-Look Shine Nail Colour | Deep Wine |

 Autumn is approaching, meaning the weather and colours are changing not just outside, but inside our wardrobes and in stores too! A lot of Autumn trends and colour palettes have caught my eye lately, including my latest nail polish!
"Spectacular colour and complete coverage in one stroke, with outstanding and durable gel-look shine"
No7 nail colours are packaged in glass bottles with black or mirror tops. The black tops differentiate No7's 'Stay Perfect' and 'Glitter Nail Effects' ranges where as the mirrored tops identify the Gel-Look Shine range. The packaging looks chic and not cheap - something I'd expect when it costs £7!

There are various colours in the Gel-Look Shine range meaning there is bound to be a shade suited to your lip colour, outfit or perfect for taking you day to night. As I'm not the kind of girl to take risk, I usually go for my favourite colour; pink, but after a pep talk from the very kind and helpful girl on the No7 stand, I delved in and bought 'Deep Wine'. It's a deep red / burgundy colour - perfect to match with the Autumn season and the leaves soon to fall on the ground, plus it looks 'grown up' and professional for work!

The glass bottle is really easy to hold whilst applying which, as a lot of us may know, when you're doing your opposite hand! I couldn't fin fault with the brush as it definitely lives up to it's promise regarding the 'complete coverage'. I added 2 coats but not because it was thin or streaky, just because I always do! The colour is pigmented and is exactly as described - deep wine, I love it!
Left - Right: Deep Wine with a glitter coat - Deep Wine plain coat application
Now, I am in two minds about this nail polish. I paint my nails before I go to sleep, ready for the next day. The first few times of using the Gel-Look Shine Nail colour was rubbish - I wouldn't do anything strenuous and they chipped no end! No matter what I did, whether it was thin coats, bottom and top coats - nothing helped to extend the durability beyond a couple of hours.

However, I seem to have changed my mind! I didn't expect it to last and just thought I'd pop it on Thursday night to at least look like I made some sort of effort for a meal out Friday. I wore it all day at work Friday, Friday night, all day Saturday to the Bloggers Festival, all day Sunday at work, Monday out and about and again all day Tuesday before it started to chip away. HOW?! This is the only time it has lasted an immensely long time and I did nothing different!

 I was extremely disappointed with the nail colour the first few times but I'm not in two minds. I'll use it again, but I'm still dubious.

Price: 2 STARS £7.00 Considering the iffy quality, this nail polish isn't worth £7.00. I have used less expensive ones at much better quality.

Promises: 3 STARS After application, the nail polish did have a gel-look about it and it was shiny, although it lasted very well the last time I used it, I'm dubious and worry if the quality will be disappointing like the first few times.

Ease of Application: 5 STARS The polish was easy to apply and dried pretty quick too.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: The colour - yes. The nail polish -  no. This nail polish didn't live up to any of my perceptions considering the brand and the quality for the price was disappointing.

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