Sunday, 7 July 2013

MUA Pro-Base Face Primer

The Summer sun and higher temperatures are great, but like all weather - it affects our makeup wear. I like Makeup Academy products, but I have never tried their Pro-Base Face range. So when i saw their Pro-Base Primer and Fixing Mist I thought I'd give it a go! This post features MUA's Pro Base Primer.

My makeup routine doesn't involve using any kind of primer, just a good moisturiser so I was quite excited about using something different to see if it improved my skin complexion. The packaging is simple, black and purple text - easy to read on the grey tube. The tube is easy to hold and use, so squeezing out the last little bits isn't too hard, and plus I find cutting the tube open to get every last bit out helps too!

 "Flawlessly evens out complexion"
"Wear alone or under foundation for a long-lasting finish"
MUA Pro-Base Primer - £4 - 27ml
MUA Pro-Base Primer Reverse

MUA Pro-Base Primer Swatch Sample
The primer is creamy but really light and is absorbed well into the skin. I applied the primer after moisturising and before applying my foundation to help prolong the wear of my foundation. It doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or dry and there are no problems applying my foundation afterwards either. I have noticed a difference in my skin whilst using the MUA Pro-Base Primer as my skin looks more even and feels fresher.

After working a full day and coming home, my makeup doesn't look fresh anymore and if I was asked to go out to eat etc. I would need to re-apply my makeup. However, after using the primer after coming home from work, my skin and makeup does look and feel like it has lasted longer compared to before - I love it. It gives me more confidence throughout the day concerning my skin tone and makeup.
Price; 5 STARS £4 is very reasonable for the results and the product. I used my NUS Student Discount card to receive 10% off. so £3.60 is even better! Great price, great product. Great value for money.

Promises; 5 STARS I used the primer under my foundation to help pro long my foundation wear and I did notice a difference. My skin looked fresher and more even and the cream was really light and refreshing on my skin.

Ease of Application; 5 STARS The formula is really light and is absorbed well. It didn't leave my skin greasy or dry and was easy to use whilst in a rush.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; YES MUA's Pro-Base Primer is incredible for the price. I found it evened my skin tone and helped prolong my foundation throughout the day.


  1. Thank you for the review :) I plan on ordering some MUA stuff soon and I will add this to the list!

    Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

    1. MUA currently have a huge summer sale one! Check it out :)

  2. Did they discontinue this? I bought some on a trip to England and fell in love with it, but I just tried looking on their website and it's not there anymore.

    1. It's still available, although it's slightly different packaging but currently out of stock :(

      There's always their 'Fashionista' range?! They do a pretty good one and it's currently dropped from £10 to £3 :) x

  3. hey..does it makes pores less visible?


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