Wednesday, 14 January 2015

2015 - The Big 4: Grab Your Diaries!

New Year usually calls for the making of New Year resolutions. I must admit, I used to be like that - but now I've gotten a bit older, I look towards goals and milestones rather than resolutions and also wait to settle into the New Year before making any of them! So here's my top 4 plans and milestones for 2015!

1. Walt Disney World Florida
Firstly, lets get the most exciting bit out of the way, I am going to Walt Disney World Florida in May! A trip of a lifetime! I have always dreamed of going there and finally, at 22, my dream is going to come true! I thought, it's better to do it now than wait later on in life when I have too many commitments, and who can say no to Disney?! 
In the next few weeks, I plan on making a checklist of everything I want to see and do in the two weeks whilst I'm there - as long as they all get checked off, I'll be happy :) My worst fear is flying back home and realising I hadn't done something that I had always wanted to see or do.
So, if you have any tips, please let me know! :)

2. Back to Basics; Plan and Organize
I am a great one for planning and organizing things down to the finest detail, but since starting a full time job; juggling work, life and a blog is hard! I take my hate off to those of you that do them and more! My goal and plan for this year is to stay on top of my blog and post regularly. All I need is an organizer/planner, a pen and an hour or two a week and it'll be plain sailing. I love my hobby and I hope it will carry on throughout the year.
3. Blog Posts
So, this leads me onto a goal of mine - to post at least once every two weeks. I know that it's not much BUT considering my hectic schedule, as long as I post at least once, I'll be happy (but of course I'll try to do more) :) 

4. Looking towards the future...
Last year, I wrote that I planned on saving. Well I did! It's satisfying and rewarding to know that it's all down to me and that it's going towards something for myself and my future, so I am determined to carry on. I'm hoping this year is the start of my independent adult life - a huge milestone that I'm anxious but also excited about. I know it might not happen instantly, growing up and grabbing hold of the big wide world, but I am ready, ready to make a start none the less.
Have you made resolutions or goals? Do you find them easy to stick to?

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  1. Very jealous of your trip to Florida! Good luck with your plans :) x

    1. Thankyou Lisa! I cannot wait - a lot of excited tweets and posts will definitely be spamming twitter and blogger! x

  2. It's so cool that you'll be going to Disney! I'll be going to Virginia for 3 months and I'm sooo excited!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

    1. Wow!! I'd love to go to loads of other places in the USA but there's never enough time! Have a lovely time away! x

  3. Same here, my plan is to keep up with blogging regularly but of course, like you say, life can often take over.

    And how exciting that you're going to Disney World! I went when I was aged 10 and absolutely loved it but I would actually love to go again now and experience it all over again as an adult. You're never too old for Disney! I'm sure you're going to have an amazing trip! =D

    Samio x

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only blogger that finds life can definitely get in the way! I'm trying to find a healthy balance whilst enjoying it at the same time :)

      I am soo excited for Disney - I'll be sure to blog about it when I'm home and less jetlagged! x


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