Sunday, 18 January 2015

Barbie Paddle Brush | Forever 21 |

How cute is this Barbie paddle brush?! I bought this in mid 2014; I know it's late - sorry! but I just had to share how cool it was!

I purchased it in Forever 21 and although I've been before, I had never really taken the chance to have a proper look. I came across Forever 21's Barbie Collection and the Barbie Paddle Brush caught my eye. The Barbie Paddle Brush is an official licenced product and not only is it nostalgic from my childhood, but it's ultra cute and totally usable. Unfortunately, I've left this post soo long that it's no longer available in store, BUT you can find similar ones online! 
 The Barbie paddle brush is embossed with a Barbie hashtag print which features fun text and song lyrics related to beauty and mean girls and underneath, the brush features thin pink bristles that tie in with the girly theme. It's approximately just under 3 inches wide and 8.5 inches long making it a functional and satisfying hair accessory to use.
The brush is priced at £3 - an absolute bargain and is available in 2 colours; like mine - black with white and pink text and white with black and pink text. I chose the black because I can guarantee it'll get filthy from my makeup on my hands!
I love my Barbie paddle brush. It's definitely one of my best buys for a while! Do you like it? Have you seen anything that reminds you of your childhood? Or have you got anything else 'Barbie'?
Price: 5 STARS £3 is an absolute steal. For £3 you're getting a paddle brush that has BARBIE on it and it's an official licensed product - well worth £3 in my opinion.

Ease of Use: 5 STARS Even though it's decorated and looks more like an aesthetic product, the brush is very durable. I use it everyday and haven't had any issues.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: YES I know it's just a brush but it's so cute! Who wouldn't love a Barbie Hair Brush?!

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