Monday, 27 January 2014

Born Pretty #1: Eyeshadow Palette #5

I was recently contacted by BornPretty CLICK HERE to collaborate with them for a feature of 3 posts! I was given the chance to choose a total of 3 different items from their online store to review and share with you all! The 3 different items I chose were - a makeup product, makeup tool(s) and makeup accessories. All 3 products reflect my own style and personality!

Born Pretty Store was set up in 2010 and started up by selling nail art items to currently selling over 10,000 products including cosmetics, accessories and tools. They ship within 24 hours and it's FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

BOB Eyeshadow #5
To grab 10% your order at BornPretty, enter code KMH10 at the checkout!

I have never really used eyeshadow before, so I was interested in using this palette set to experiment. What initially drew me to this product was the sleek black casing shell - it looks very professional and neat. When opening the case, there's a mirror above the eyshadows which is handy if you're travelling with it or using it to apply! The applicator is useful because it's double ended and seats neatly inside the palette. I personally find using these applicators a bit harder than a brush, but either way it's useful to have to hand!

love the natural shades as they're all neutral colours and all compliment eachother. You can use either one shade on its own, a combination or all 5! I personally love using the neutral gold, brown and pewter shades as they look totally natural on my skin and don't make you look over done, however I'm still trying to get to grips with blending and application! 

The eyeshadows are really easy to apply. They aren't thick and they wash off without a problem at the end of the day. These factors are a must for me as  I cannot be bothered to spend ages trying to get makeup off after a long day at work/University.

BOB Eyeshadow Palette #5 Swatches
Price; 5 STARS Even though I was sent this product by BornPretty, $8.55 $5.99 is pretty reasonable for an eyeshadow palette! By using code KMH10 at the checkout, you can get 10% off your order at BornPrettyStore!

Ease of Use: 5 STARS The palette was really easy to use. Not only was the case sleek and shiny, but it was secure and didn't flip open unexpectedly. The eyeshadows were easy to apply and weren't thick or heavy. They blended in quite well together and weren't hard to wash off at the end of the day.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: YES I would recommend you try out Born Pretty cosmetics and accessories. They ship within 24 hours and it's FREE shipping worldwide! You may have to wait a little longer for your products than UK based companies but they're great value for money!

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