Saturday, 1 March 2014

SPRING 14 | Miss Selfridge Pale Pink Mini Bag

The weather has been far from great lately and with Spring soon approaching, we all need a little lift! A couple of weeks ago I was browsing Miss Selfridge's online Valentine's Day Looks and came across a bang on trend handbag - the Pale Pink Mini Bag.

Miss Selfridge Pale Pink Mini Bag
Pale Pink Mini Bag - £29.00
I originally saw the bag online and as I hadn't seen it 'in the flesh' in store, I was reluctant to order in case it wasn't what I expected but when I opened my package I was pleasantly surprised! The bag is faux leather and therefore made of 100% Polyurethane. The colour was exactly what it looked like in the pictures online - pale pink, a pastel pink, bang on trend for Spring 2014 and perfect for a girly girl like me!

I was a little worried that I wouldn't get on with the size as compared to my current handbags it is relatively smaller, measuring 10"L x 8.5"H x 5.5"W but the dainty and sophisticated look of it is bang on trend and totally workable! The bag is fully lined with matching pink lining inside, where I can fit my daily essentials very comfortably in it: my large purse, mobile phone, car keys, hair brush and emergency makeup bits and bobs. All this is made very easy by the mobile phone and zip up pouch.

The design of the bag is very simple but screams sophistication! The grey trim and simple gold detail for the zip, strap loops, strap fasteners and detail on the front adds to the aesthetics of the bag, keeping the focus on the colour and classic feminine look.
The straps are smaller than my usual handbags, but I actually prefer this. When holding it, it doesn't feel like it's drifting near the floor and to me this feels more comfortable - especially from a security point of view where larger bags can be easily snatched! You can't pop the bag on your shoulder with the small straps, however the mini bag comes equipped with a detachable, longer and adjustable strap which can allow the wearer to wear across the body or on the shoulder. I like this addition as it gives the bag more versatility, however I wouldn't use it as I much prefer holding my bag in my hands :)

Leading on from a security point of view, I am easily drawn to bags with a zip fastener. This feature is definitely a major feature for me and made me fall in love with it even more. I am not too keen on bags with flaps or magnetic lock fastens as they're easy for pick pockets to open/dip their fingers into!

I am in love with this bag from Miss Selfridge and it has now become a statement piece in my Spring 2014 wardrobe!
Price; 4 STARS The Pale Pink Mini Bag is priced at £29, although when I purchased it, I used a promotional code for 20% off as well as partial payment of a giftcard. I personally wouldn't pay £29 - only if I could bag a bargain discount!

Promises; 5 STARS This bag is perfect for Spring Summer 2014! The colour is bang on trend and it scream sophistication and femininity. 

Ease of Use;  5 STARS Even though the bag and straps are smaller than my usual handbags, I can fit my daily essentials in there - the size is totally adequate.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; YES This bag is perfect for the girly girl. The size may be smaller compared to the larger bags of recent years, however it has become a statement piece for my Spring Summer 2014 wardrobe. I cannot wait for any excuse to use it!


  1. I am absolutely loving this handbag! Everything about it from the design, size and colour is so lovely…it is so perfect for the up coming summer months :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. Thanks! It's soo pretty, I love using it!! x


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