Friday, 22 August 2014

My Thankyou, courtesy of Cadbury Gifts Direct

I was kindly contacted by Cadbury Gifts Direct with the chance to thank those who have supported me throughout my University studies with gifts of chocolate! I was generously given the opportunity to choose from various hampers from their collection of Graduation Gifts which range from £6.50 to £50, perfect for all budgets!
I chose the 'Sharing Hamper' priced at £30 and you can see why!

"An amazing 'thank you' chocolate gift full of all your Cadbury Chocolate'
Sharing Hamper - £30
Containing: 1 x 200g Milk Tray, 1 x 187g Roses Carton, 1 x 420g Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs, 1 x 130g Cadbury Chocolate Popcorn, 1 x 111g Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-ups, 1 x 90g Dairy Milk Bubbly Bar, 1 x 120g Dairy Milk with Daim, 1 x 120g Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel, 1 x Cadbury Treasure Box: 1 x Dairy Milk Bar, 1 x Dairy Milk Whole Nut, 1 x Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy, 1 x small Dairy Milk, 1 x  small Dairy Milk Caramel, 1 x Crunchie, 1 x Flake, 1 x Curly Wurly, 1 x Wispa, 1 x Double Decker, 1 x Fudge, 1 x Treatsize Twirl, 1 x Chomp, 1 x Freddo Caramel, 1 x Treatsize Buttons Bag. 

When my hamper arrived, it was in a purple box - Cadbury's classic colour, it looked so regal. Inside, the contents were packed firmly together, coated with a layer of foam pieces, purple and glitter paper pieces and a card addressed to me! There was soo much crammed into the box it felt like a never ending supply! I loved the Cadbury Treasure Box and although I was excited, I felt awful opening it as it was perfect and small and I didn't want to ruin it.

Even though I love chocolate, it wasn't for me - it was for those who have helped and supported me throughout my three years of study at University. No doubt. there have been a handful of people that have been there and supported me every step of the way; family, friends, work colleagues and lecturers, they all got something, but here's the main and why;

The Best Friend; Sophia
Sophia's gift consisted of the Milk Tray and Dairy, Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-ups and Milk Bubbly Bar.
Sophia and I met in our first year at University however only started to get to know eachother properly at the end of our 2nd year. We're both bloggers and we both share the same mindset - work now, play later; driven to achieve the best which is why we get on so well!

We were on the same course and therefore shared the same anxiety and stress over the same assignments, exams and individual Dissertations! Sophia and I were regular visitors to the library on our days off, evenings and late nights and were study-buddies during the exam period. I just wanted to say thankyou for being a great and true friend throughout one of the hardest years, sharing the stress, anxiety and demands of University life and making me laugh when I wanted to cry.

Mum and Dad
Dad has a very keen eye for Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs, so that was the easiest decision made of what he would get! Mum on the other hand was a bit more tricky as she pretty much eats anything! In the end I gave them both a selection of the little goodies left which included Cadbury Buttons, Double Decker, Dairy Milk Caramel Bar and the small Dairy Milk Bar.

No matter what we say, our parents always know best. Fortunately I learnt this before starting University and therefore learnt to take good advice when I heard it! Without my parents, I wouldn't of had the confidence to have carried on with my studies - 1 year into my course, I felt like dropping out and if it wasn't their advice and support, I wouldn't have graduated with a 2:1.

They have also put up with a lot (and when I say a lot I mean it), blood, sweat and tears when it came to my Dissertation, assignments and final exams, even though when they said "It will be okay" and I really didn't feel it would be at the time!

Most of all, I wanted to say thankyou for not putting me under adverse pressure. We all feel pressure to perform and achieve the best grade and qualification possible and  my parents have always made it clear that they want me to achieve the best I can and regardless of what I was aiming for, they made it very clear they were proud no matter what - that was the best feeling
Work Colleagues
I did treat my good old friends and colleagues at work to a few treats! I bought in the box of Roses and shared between my Sunday team - a team that have listened to me go on about my Dissertation and make me smile when I was exhausted form late nights at the library!

Lastly, I've never had Cadbury Chocolate Popcorn before and I'm glad I kept them in particular to myself - just a little thankyou and well done.
Cadbury Chocolate Popcorn
I loved my Sharing Hamper from Cadbury Gifts Direct! It's such a great way to say thankyou and their gifts range for every occasion and perfect for various budgets! I'll definitely be ordering from them in the future when I want to make a statement with chocolate! 

What do you think about it? Would you consider buying one for a special someone or a special occasion?

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