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When hunting around for my graduation dress and outfits to wear throughout Summer, I was worried I'd get hot in the July sun throughout the ceremony. My good friend, Sophia Meola recommended me Sure Maximum Protection 'Confidence' deodorant. Let's admit it, we have all had sweat patches and we all worry about them, so let's see if this will help us wipeout the wet patches!

"Scientifically proven wetness protection"
Front of the packaging
Back of the packaging
The box is white and you can distinguish the type of deodorant by the colour used on the front which is handy if there's a few different one son the shelf. There's not much on the front of the packaging, just the basics that you need to know; it's scientifically proven wetness protection, 48 hour protection and that it's dermatologically tested.

The back of the packaging has a bit more information on it but not much. I think this is a good thing as you don't want to be bombarded with lots of info that is no use to you! Listed are the ingredients, legal logos and also states a few more points about the products' positive aspects.

The deodorant fits into the packaging really well, leaving very little wasted space and an approximate size of the deodorant is outlined on the side of the packaging. The oval shape makes it really easy to hold and apply unlike others I've used which slip and are tricky to use whilst holding in one hand. The deodorant is applied by twisting the bottom where it presses up onto holes and is dispersed ready for underarm protection.
Packagaing and the deodorant
What's it like?
Sure recommend you use it the day before so that the TRIsolid formula has a chance to build a strong level of protection so that it lasts the following day, even after showering. Sure also state that you can use it the following morning and as I'm used to using a deodorant in the morning so getting into a routine of using it the night before was hard! To be honest, I didn't have high hopes for something that claimed to basically stop you from sweating..

I did get into a routine and although I was dubious about it working from the night all the way through to the following day, it did work! We all worry that we have sweat patches and lets be honest, we have all had them, and that's why I was so impressed with Sure's Maximum Protection 'Confidence' deodorant. After the first time using it I knew I had nothing to worry about. I won't be using it everyday due to the price tag, but it will be used when I have important days and nights out!
Price: 3 STARS £5.29 Compared to my usual deodorant; Dove, it is a bit pricey. However, I wouldn't be using it everyday and therefore it would last longer!

Promises: 5 STARS It kept me dry all day, no wet marks and I felt confident that I wouldn't be worrying all day.

Ease of Use: 5 STARS All you have to do is twist, the deodorant slowly pops up and rolls on smooth like my previous deodorants.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: YES This was so easy to use. It kept me dry all day, smelt really nice and best of all - gave me confidence for the times that mattered most.
Have you used this before? Did it live up to your expectations or have you used a different type of deodorant from the range by Sure?

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