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Old Wives Tail Hair Care

I was recently contacted by Lily at Old Wives Tail for the opportunity to test and feature one of their organic hair oil treatments.

Old Wives Tail has recently been launched and aims to provide high quality, natural, chemical free, environmentally friendly hair care. They are 100% against animal testing - none of their products are tested on animals and neither do they buy from suppliers that are concerned with such activity. OWT also donates 10% of their profits to charities that protect animals from being tested on. Animal testing is something I am strongly against and this is why I am glad for the opportunity to work with a great cause. 

OWT products range from £13.99 - £24.99 for organic oil treatments and mask treatments and offer free worldwide delivery on any order.
Coco Loco Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask - 150 ml - £14.99*

I was kindly sent the Coco Loco Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask - 150 ml - £14.99, part of their organic hair mask range. The mask is made with certified organic ingredients, is paraben and sulfate free, not tested on animals and whats perfect for my sister is that it's suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Ingredients consist of: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) oil, Prunus Dulcis (Almond) Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil.  These natural ingredients means the mask is bursting with natural proteins and aims to add;

 "add lustre, strength and shine to any hair type... which will stimulate each and every hair follicle and promote healthy hair growth. Its natural antibacterial properties and nutrients get to work at calming and soothing any dry or flaky areas of your scalp. What's more is when this mask is used over a period of time it can aid in protecting the natural colour pigmentation of your hair and prevent early greys from sprouting!"

My sister and I both shared the product. My hair that is in very good condition, however my sister is the complete opposite. Her hair is quite dull and is always in serious need of TLC but nothing seems to help, so we thought we'd give this a go!

Application of the mask
First, we applied the mask into her hair by rubbing it into our hands and smothering it from roots to the ends. We massaged it into her scalp as it states to help flaky and dry skin - something that she suffers with. The mask was very greasy and it did act as a waterproof mask when we tried washing it off of our hands! We then wrapped her hair in a warm towel - aided by the tumble dryer - and left it to work its magic for an hour. Heather then washed her hair as normal, adding only a touch of conditioner to the ends.

Heather did have to repeat the shampoo and rinse process a few times before all of the product was out of her hair and she was worried it wouldn't work and only leave her hair looking more greasy. However, after drying it, her hair look much improved! It was definitely shiner and less frizzy and damaged as it had the day before. She will definitely be using it again as it's the only thing we have found to help for a long time! - plus it's all natural ingredients and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

Giveaway Competition Time!
Old Wives Tail are currently running a giveaway competition to raise awareness of cruelty free activity within the beauty industry as well giving readers the opportunity to win Old Wives Tail products!
Here's what you have to do:
[  ] Comment on any post or video Old Wives Tail has across their social media pages with the hashtag '#CrueltyFree'
[  ] You will instantly be put into a free draw to win two hair oils of your choice!
[  ] This can be done via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+ Pages
Winner will be announced November 1st 2014 and will be contacted directly.

Price: 3 STARS There are cheaper hair treatments on the high street and even the cheapest oil treatment at £14.99 is a bit expensive for my sister and I, however if it's a treat - there can't be any harm to the purse strings.

Promises: 4 STARS My sister suffers with very dull and lifeless hair and we could see the difference instantly. I think it would take a few uses to ensure the results are more long term as it's in a bad state but the smells were amazing and we could definitely see a difference.

Ease of Application: 4 STARS The treatment was very different to applying our usual shampoo and conditioner, and although it was greasy, it wasn't hard to apply.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: YES Organic hair treatments are ideal for the hair due to their natural originals and ingredients. I think everyone needs to try an organic hair treatment at least one and they will see the difference - plus, OWT is against animal testing and donates 10% of their profits to help protecting animals against such activity - what's to say no to?!

What do you think about OWT products? Have you tried any of their products or have you only just discovered the brand?

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