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| Think Pink | Nail Paint by Barry M

Nail Paint by Barry M
Recently I posted about Barry M's nail paint in BIRTHDAY. As my graduation was nearing, I purchased a few more pink shades to match my dress and to wear to recent events and thought I'd share my thoughts with you!
Left to Right: Pink Sapphire Glitter , Silk Blossom , Gelly Hi-Shine Dragon Fruit
Barry M have a wide selection of nail polishes in a variety of different textures - I was spoiled for choice! The bottles are square which makes them easy to hold and the different colour tops make it easy to distinguish which shade is what texture! Out of the three, I was pleasantly surprised by two, but one left me very disappointed considering my expectations. Overall, all three were easy to apply and remove, here are my verdicts!
Pink Sapphire Glitter (£2.99)
A clear polish filled with pink and silver sequins, glitter and sparkles. It instantly caught my eye because it can be used to jazz up a basic polish! Again, compared to my Birthday Nail Polish post, I was disappointed with the brush - when I opened the bottle the brush was sprayed apart which was a bit annoying however regardless of this is was still okay to apply. I had to use two coats but I didn't mind this as you can build up your desired look yourself. I love using it on my basic pink polishes!
Blossom (£3.99)
Part of the silk collection. I wouldn't completely agree with this though as when I applied it it wasn't exactly silky and therefore I had to add a clear top coat when I wasn't really expecting to. The polish went on very well and the colour was exactly the same as the bottle - not too Barbie Pink and not too light that it's streaky! I used two coats and it lasted 2 days in immaculate condition which is good going considering I was moving stock around, on the tills, typing and doing all of the day to day things!
Dragon Fruit (£3.99)
I would describe this as a Barbie pink and is part of the Gelly Hi-Shine collection which boasts a "hard wearing formula". I was really impressed with the finish of this polish; it was extremely shiny and definitely lived up to the gel expectation - so much that there was no need to add a top coat, however this is where the positives end. I was very disappointed with the durability of this polish. The slight knock that my nails took meant that polish would chip off everywhere - not impressed!
Pink Sapphire Glitter polish £2.99 - 4 STARS  I can use this over everything!
Silk Blossom polish £3.99 4 STARS This was reasonable considering it was just the colour I wanted!
Gelly Hi-Shine Dragon Fruit £3.99 - 2 STARS I begrudge paying this for something that lasts barely a few hours.

Pink Sapphire Glitter polish - 5 STARS It was just what I expected.
Silk Blossom polish - 4 STARS Wasn't as silky as I expected.
Gelly Hi-Shine Dragon Fruit - 1 STAR This was the worst - "hard wearing formula" - I beg to differ. 

Ease of Application: 4 STARS The polishes didn't go gloopy and considering the brush incident - the application was okay!

Would I Recommend a Friend?: Maybe I wasn't happy with the overall look or quality of the Gelly Hi-Shine polish and therefore I would probably stick with other brands that I have had more positive experiences with or just stick with other textures by Barry M.

Have you used any of these? How did you find them - did you get on with them or have the same experience as me?

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