Monday, 11 November 2013

Nivea Lip Butters

I've seen a lot of bloggers review he Nivea Lip Butters and the majority of them weren't impressed. So when I saw them on offer in my local supermarket, I thought I'd give them a go myself!

Original, Caramel Cream, Vanilla and Macadamia & Raspberry Rosé
"Buttery balm formula which melts instantly into your lips leaving them feeling soft and smooth.... containing Shea Butter and Almond Oil ... long-lasting moisture to leave your lips beautifully soft and healthy looking all day long."
Nivea Lip Butter - TOP: Original & Caramel Cream BOTTOM: Vanilla and Macadamia & Raspberry Rosé - 16.7g/19ml - £1/£2 each
When I first set eyes on these compact lip butters, I loved the designs. The graphics make them look soo yummy and it gives you a little peek into what the smells could be like! The front isn't over run with text which appeals to my desire of things being minimalist, although when turned over the back of the products are packed full with the barcode, weight and contents, ingredients and manufacturing information. Even though there is a lot of information on the back of the tins, I didn't find it incredibly hard to read. The font is clear and the navy font colour works well against all 3 background colours.

The little tins aren't very big, roughly the same in diameter as Vaseline tins although not as large in depth. This makes them a good size to fit in your handbag compartments or small portable makeup bag. The lids seem quite secure when you try to open them at first, but once jiggling around in my bag I did find them loose sometimes which damaged the lip butter inside and made things a little sticky!
When opening the lip butters, the colours are bright and look good enough to eat! You can immediately smell them as soon as you open the tins and they smell lush! The lip butter itself is soft and delicate although some vary with the way they rub in on the lips.

The Original lip butter is similar in colour to regular Nivea lip products; basic white in colour and doesn't smell of anything. This lip butter was okay to apply although was the greasiest of the 4 and left my lips feeling uncomfortable.

Caramel Cream
Caramel Cream is a golden yellow colour, symbolising caramel from the front of the tin. It smells a lot like it too but isn't too sweet or over powering. There is a light tinge of yellow in the lip butter but again, it's not noticeable when applied. The butter was relatively okay to apply although was slightly greasy.

Vanilla & Macadamia
Vanilla and Macadamia is like a toned down Caramel Cream. You can smell both scents coming through which reminds me of Christmas! The lip butter is a very light cream colour, but you wouldn't really be able to tell unless you compared it! The butter was quite hard and when applied onto my lips, it made them feel really greasy.

Raspberry Rosé
Raspberry Rosé is baby pink in colour and smells strongly like raspberries! I love the smell as raspberries are my favourite fruit which make it my preferred out of the three! It has a very very light tinge of pink although this isn't noticeable when applied on the lips. The butter was quite soft to apply which made it easy to wear and use.

What is unusual is that none of the lip butters contain SPF which a lot of other Nivea lips products do! I do like these lip butters, especially Raspberry Rosé and I'll continue to use them until they're empty, although I wouldn't go as far to say they're an essential, but a nice alternative to your regular Vaseline or lip balm.
Price; 3 STARS I purchased these at £1 although I've seen them being marketed at £2.25! I think that's rather expensive considering similar products you can buy for the same or even less.

Promises; 5 STARS The lip butters do have a soft and creamy formula and did leave my lips feeling super smooth and velvety! 

Ease of Application; 5 STARS The lip butters are extremely soft and glide straight onto the lips! It feels like velvet! Although the texture and consistency means that big holes can be left if you press too hard!

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; NO To be honest, these lip butters are nothing different compared to Nivea's regular lip products. They're just packaged in a tin and given a new smell!

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