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AVON Color Trend Nail Top Coat - 'Dazzlers'

An Avon book dropped through my letterbox a few weeks ago and I whilst flicking through, a lot of bits caught my eye and couldn't resist buying a couple of nail top coats! I am a sucker for anything glittery and that's what immediately drew me to these!

Silver Plated & Rose Golden
"Paint over your favourite nail enamel for a great glittery finish"
Avon Color Trend Top Coat 'Dazzlers' - Silver Plated & Rose Golden - 8ml - £3.00 £1.50
 When my items arrived, the nail polish was packaged in fuchsia pink boxes decorated with clear white text indicating the brand, item and colour. I was surprised at the condition of the boxes as they were pristine and looked as if they had just been taken out of storage in a store!

The Dazzlers Top Coat polish is also available in Blue Burst, Gold Flecked and Fuchsia Dazzle. I chose Silver Plated and Rose Golden because they are at complete opposite ends of the colour spectrum - silver and burnt gold, which I have no doubt will go with various different shades of polish.

The pots are small but you can easily hold them without losing your grip and 
they're easy to store because of their basic shape. I'm not overly keen on the white top because when compared with other polishes on the market, they look cheaper than their competitors.
Swatches: L-R: Collection Lasting Gel Colour Think Pink & Silver Plated top coat - MUA in Natural Days & Silver Plated top coat - Silver Plated 3 Coats - Rose Golden 3 Coats - MUA Fashionista in Summer & Rose Golden top coat - MUA Shade 6 & Rose Golden top coat -
The swatches above show what the top coat looks like when applied to a basic polish and also on their own with 3 coats. You can also add a couple of coats to build up the glitter look depending on the impact you desire! The looks you can create are great just in time for Christmas!

Silver Plated is exactly what it says, silver. It reflects the light really well and gives a basic polish a classy and jazzed up look. Rose Golden on the other hand is in-between a burnt orange and gold. It's an unusual colour and reminds me of Christmas and the warm roaring fire. Because of the pigment of the polish, it has a big impact regarding colour. It looks great with browns, beige's, reds and oranges.

The polish is a good consistency - it's not thick and gloopy and although the polish is clear but is packed with tiny and large flecks of glitter to create a great day-to-night look!

I chose to wear MUA in Natural Days with Silver Plated as a top coat and kept the polish on for approximately a week. My activities throughout the week involved typing, working in a retail store at the weekend with tills and stock, washing up and of course, shopping. I applied the polish on a Saturday night and when working throughout the Sunday the polish stayed put all day! I was amazed as my nails take a beating at work! Throughout the week it stayed pretty much the same until day 5 where they started to chip. But considering my nails had a total of 4 layers of polish on, they did well!

I've already stocked up by ordering 2 more bottles from Avon!
I will definitely be considering these for my Christmas Party!

Price; 5 STARS These top coats were previously advertised at £3.00, although I purchased them at £1.50 when they were on promotion (October 2013).

Promises: 5 STARS When used for their intended use, the polishes are amazing. They add a great day-to-night look to a plain polish and is really eye catching. 

Ease of Application: 5 STARS The round tops make using the polish easy when you're in a rush and are quite stable considering their size. The polish doesn't dry too quickly, but quick enough to apply a couple of coats well within 10 minutes.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: YES These top coats are great value for money considering how they transform a basic nail polish. I will definitely be considering these for my Christmas Party!


  1. I absolutely love glitter top coats & these look gorgeous! x


    1. I've been trying to find a good quality one for AGES and I totally stand by these 100%! Definitely using them for Christmas!! x

  2. I am absolutely loving these glitter polishes and think i need to add them to my collection! I am a sucker for sparkle on my nails and i have never tried a rose golden glitter before and i am obsessed with rose gold :D also loving the polish combo's you've included in the swatches. Fabulous post Kirsty :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. Thankyou for your comment :) I'm currently wearing Silver Plated ontop of a colour I'm testing out for my Christmas party - I'll show you :D


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