Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas & 21st Birthday Wishlist

If you've read my profile, you'll know that my Birthday falls on the 27th December - 2 days after Christmas, making me a Christmas baby!

My Birthday is perfectly timed for the Christmas sales, meaning I can spend whatever Christmas and Birthday money I receive on bagging great items for half the price! Although because of the timing, I usually have "Here's your Christmas and your Birthday present, combined" I'm not selfish or rude, but I've had to wait a whole year where a lot of other people have Christmas and then their Birthday halfway through the year and they don't get a combined present?

Anyway, I have some idea what I want for Christmas and my Birthday and so I've created a pretty little collage representing what I'd like and my interests in general - but obviously it may change, it's a girls prerogative!
Pictures courtesy of Polyvore
 1. Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Charm and chain SMALL - £110
 I've wanted one of these for a while, but if you know me well, I don't like the idea of people spending a lot of money on me - I hate a large price tag. I thought, as it's my 21st, I want something special. I like this necklace because of the loop attached to the tag charm which stops it twisting round but also because you have the option of engraving the tag charm once it's in your shopping basket. This is a great way to make it more personal and gives it a unique touch. I'm not keen with the fact that the necklace chain itself is £45! - An option for me would be to purchase the tag charm at £65 and purchase a sterling silver chain in a jewellers or on eBay to help keep the price down :)

2. Pandora Mouse in the Cup Charm - £30.00
Since having a Pandora bracelet, I love collecting charms, but I like them to have meaning. Every charm that I have on my bracelet has a meaning behind it which makes it more special and sentimental. I love their Fairy-tale Range for Spring Summer 2013, I already have the Crown and Fairy-tale book - yes I know it's Autumn/Winter, but I am a sucker for anything to do with fairy-tales and princesses! Therefore, anything fairy-tale related will be perfect!!

3. Tan Handbag
I really want a new handbag for Christmas! Only trouble is, I can't find one I love! I would like either black or tan and preferably the style shown in the image. I need a bag that fastens with a zip - I don't want anyone dipping in my bag! I also don't want one with HUGE long handles - I found a perfect one in Accessorize, but the handles were huge :( Who knows, it could all change before Christmas, but this one is a very close winner!!

 4. River Island Black Quilted Chain Clip Top Purse - £20.00
I love River Island Purses. I love the style, the size and the colours- without a doubt, there is always one that catches my eye. I love this particular one because it's classic black. It will go with practically anything and the chain detail is so on trend and adds an edgy look! I also have a jacket with matching edge chain detail too!

 5. Clothes!
I am a typical girly girl. You can never have too many clothes and I love a good jumper or pretty top! I recently purchased this fluffy jumper from Miss Selfridge (retailing at £42). I love the design as it makes me look like a piece of Battenberg! I'm a size 6 although size 6 jumpers are weird, one minute they'll be too small and the next too big, so I do prefer to buy my own in the sales. Therefore vouchers or money is the safer bet! I will be grateful for anything I receive :)

What do you have your eye on this Christmas? I'd love to hear what everyone is looking for - it may give me some more ideas!

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