Friday, 16 August 2013

OUTFIT POST: Dorothy Perkins Pussybow Blouses

I hope you've all been enjoying the sun the last few weeks! The sun and lush weather is always an excuse for us to all buy new clothes, even if we don't really need them! I know that the last few months I've purchased a good few new bits and this post gives you an insight into my love for Dorothy Perkins Pussybow Blouses!
Being a size 6, I find it really hard to find pretty clothes that fit well and at a decent price. However, working where I do means that I have access and availability to find beautiful pieces in the size I want without trawling the Internet. Dorothy Perkins is a brand that I love because of their pieces, styles and the fact they come in small sizes 4 and 6! Lately, I've indulged in a few pussybow blouses that are light for the Summer season and can also be worn for a few drinks out in the evening.
TOP: Dorothy Perkins £22 Size 6 - JEANS: Tesco £14 Size 6R - SHOES: ShoeZone £9.99 Size 4

Dorothy Perkins: Petite Pink Bow Top - £22 - Size 6
TOP: Dorothy Perkins £22 Size 6 - JEGGINGS: Primark £7 Size 6 - SHOES: ShoeZone £9.99 Size 4
Dorothy Perkins Ivory Heart Ruffle Front Top - £22 - Size 6
TOP: Dorothy Perkins £22 Size 4 - JEANS: Primark £11 Size 6 - SHOES: ShoeZone £9.99 Size 4

Dorothy Perkins Petite Blue Gypsy Top £22 - Size 6
All 3 pussybow blouses are made of polyester, making them light and cool in the sun and heat. Because they're quite thin, you can see underneath the top through to what I'm wearing underneath, although due to the patterns, if you're only wearing a bra it's not noticeable! 
I love wearing my Petite Pink Bow Top with my pink jeans because I love the girly look and I love pink! Even though it's part of the Petite range, it fits perfectly even though I thought it may be too short at first! The pink, white and lilac bow pattern means that there is no need for fancy frills.  I'd wear this top shopping into town but also team it with some dark jeans/jeggings for a smarter look in the evening
White doesn't compliment my skin at all, so I try to steer clear, but when I saw the Ivory Heart Ruffle Top with a polka dot and heart pattern I thought it was a good substitute/dupe. White goes with anything, so I have no worries about compiling an outfit with this top. I like to keep this top casual as white can sometimes look too formal and my light wash jeggings are great to keep the look casual. Jeggings are also great pieces to wear when your weight fluctuates and to be honest, I find they fit better than jeans!
The Petite Blue Gypsy Top is also part of the Petite range and again is a perfect fit. The blue and white colour palette is great to match with a range of pieces such as my blue wash jeggings and also a white pair of jeans/jeggings/shorts! The floral print is great for Summer and the frill adds a girly look to a blue top!
The bows on all blouses keeps them looking casual but giving it a smart look. If I was able to wear my own clothes to work, I would consider wearing all three with a pair of black trousers and a short cropped black blazer to keep in-line with a girly but formal work look. I've worn and washed these blouses many times since having them in the past couple of months and they look brand new still! The colours and material haven't faded, snagged or shrunk and I am very happy with their condition!
Dorothy Perkins have some beautiful Summer pieces in their sale at the moment and I have no doubt their Autumn/Winter range won't disappoint.


  1. I absolutely love the heart blouse, its so cute!! <3

    1. I think it's still available instore! So pretty to dress up or down :) Thanks for the comment!! x

  2. I am in love with Dorothy Perkins pussybow blouses too! I enjoyed reading this post and the other stuff on your blog too :) Do write new stuff when you have the chance as it's all good stuff! Have you seen the latest pussybow blouses? They have 2 great floral ones out at the moment which I really like! And also I like the fact that you are a fan of affordable fashion - clothes don't have to be expensive to look good and to make you feel good!


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