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MUA Fashionista Double Take Long-Wear Lipstick

MUA recently launched heir Fashionista range. it's more expensive than their main brand but after a couple of weeks going live in their website, the range also went into their huge Summer sale! A lot of products were 70% off, so I naturally indulged in some cosmetic retail therapy.
Double Take Long-Wear Lipstick
" Lusciously creamy in texture, full-pigmented, modern matte finish ... hydrating for maximum comfort for high impact, velvety smooth lips"
Fashionista Double Take Long-Wear Lipstick Baby Doll Pink & Atomic Tangerine - 2g - £7.00
MUA's Double Take Long-Wear Lipstick is priced at £7.00 but I purchased them at £1.50 in the sale (July 2013) - bargain! Even though I have never bought anything 'high end', I felt like I was buying something high end because of the aesthetics of the lipstick. I was naturally drawn to the shiny red look of the lipstick which made it look expensive and classy.

Fashionista Double Take Long-Wear Lipstick - Baby Doll Pink Shade 3 & Atomic Tangerine Shade 9
 The lipsticks are packaged in a little black box to protect the shiny red shell of the lipstick. The shiny red band at the bottom of the box packaging ties in the colour theme quite well and compliments the shell if the lipstick too. The top of each box is also labelled with the shade and a colour swatch to help find it amongst other shades! The lids of the lipsticks are also labelled with the shade and colour swatch if you wish to store them out of their box packaging.
The lipsticks are small, but a 'cute' small. Their size makes them easy to store in my handbag and they don't take up unnecessary room! I love how the lids are really secure. I find that some lids of other brands of lipstick become quite loose and come off really easily.

MUA Fashionista Double Take Long-Wear Lipstick - Baby Doll Pink Shade 3

MUA Fashionista Double Take Long-Wear Lipstick - Atomic Tangerine Shade 9
I bought 2 shades of MUA's Double Take Long-Wear Lipstick; Baby Doll Pink (shade 3) and Atomic Tangerine (shade 9). These two shades are only a glimpse of what amazing names each lipstick has, I recommend you check them out!

Baby Doll Pink (Shade 3) and Atomic Tangerine (Shade 9) Swatch
Baby Doll Pink is the most subtle of all the pink shades available in this range and when first opened you'd think it was too pink, but when applied to the lips the colour is really subtle and pretty for Summer.
Atomic Tangerine is extremely pigmented which gives the impression it's too rich in colour but is more subtle when applied. Both shades give the impression of a high end cosmetic product.
Both shades glide on effortlessly and don't look too matte or too greasy!
The colours fill in my lips really well compared with other brands where it leaves a tide mark were you're applied it. After application you don't even know you've applied it as it's so light! I love these colours so much! The shades aren't too pigmented to wear for work or for a night out, they're a great substitute for any high end lipstick in my opinion!
Price; 3 STARS The original price of MUA's Double Take Long-Wear Lipstick is £7.00 - considerably more than their £1 range of lipsticks although I purchased these in their Summer Sale for £1.50, that's a bargain!! I think I would buy one every so often as they're lovely to use and feel great on my lips!

Promises; 5 STARS The lipsticks are very pigmented adding to the high end look. They don't leave my lips feeling or looking matte or greasy, just a perfect combination!

Ease of Application; 5 STARS The Double Take Long-Wear Lipstick's glide on effortlessly. Their small size may be looked upon as a drawback but this made them really easy to hold when applying them.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; YES Anyone looking for a substitute dupe for a high end lipstick- I recommend you try MUA's Fashionista range out! The aesthetics of the packaging, pigmented colour and feel of the lipsticks blew me away and are great value for money.


  1. These lipsticks look nicely pigmented! Such amazing value for money too! xxx

    1. They really are! My favourite shades at the moment! x

  2. I have this lipstick in natural pink and and absolutely love it :D


  3. These sound lovely. I love the baby doll. May give it a try :)
    Adela x


    1. The colours are great! They're great value as well :) x

  4. After read your post, I feel like want to try the shade 9. Thank you for the great write up!



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