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MUA Fashionista Plumping Lip Glaze

Plumping Lip Glaze
"Contains Maxi Lip for lip tingling fullness and shine ... non-sticky, vinyl-shine ... subtle shimmering finish"
Fashionista Plumping Lip Glaze - 5 ml - £5.00
MUA's Fashionista Lip Plumping Glaze is another purchase from their huge Summer sale (July 2013). I've never been a lover of gloss because I was afraid of them leaving that dreaded sticky feeling on my lips, not to mention when it's windy your hair gets covered in it..
But after seeing MUA's new Fashionista range and their Plumping Lip Glaze on sale from £5.00 to £1.25 I couldn't say no as it was worth a try! As seen with MUA's Fashionista Double Take Long-Wear Lipstick, the shiny red colour theme is carried through to the Plumping Lip Glaze giving the impression of a more expensive product.
Fashionista Plumping Lip Glaze - Pretty in Pink & Coral Couture

Carrying the shiny theme through the Fashionista range, the Plumping Lip Glaze's are labelled on the front transparent tube with silver shiny text. This high-end look helps MUA create the impression of a range that can compete with other cosmetic brands in drug stores and on the high street.

The Lip Glaze's are labelled on the lid at the side and if you pull off the top part of the barcode, a clear label is visible displaying the range name and the shade, although the transparent packaging of the Lip Glaze's mean that the colours are easy to identify. The transparent tubes also allow you to see how much you have left so you don't have any unexpected surprises when getting ready for a day/night out.

The tubes are larger than normal. They are quite fat to hold and store although this doesn't impact on the application as the thin applicator top helps applying the glaze quite easy.
Fashionista Plumping Lip Glaze - Pretty in Pink
Fashionista Plumping Lip Glaze - Coral Couture
I purchased the Plumping Lip Glaze in two shades, Pretty in Pink Shade 1 and Coral Couture Shade 4. These shades are two of five available from the Fashionista Range which come in shades similar to a nude to a bright fuscia pink. When opened, the application rod stick looks quite sticky, although this might be normal for glosses as I don't usually use them! Although I must say, the applicator wasn't too thick with the glaze so it made it okay to apply.

Pretty in Pink (Shade 1) looks subtle and even the swatch gives the impression of a subtle pink shade, although when applied on my lips the shade was very metallic/shiny and less pink.

Coral Couture (Shade 4) is exactly what is says, a coral shade. When applied the glaze looked very shimmery, too much for my liking and as the colour was quite pigmented, it didn't suit my skin tone.

Both shades are enriched with a shimmer and Maxi Lip which enhances the lip volume and look but The glaze's also didn't taste very nice. I know you're not supposed to eat them, obviously, but when you lick your lips or talk and you do accidentally catch some, it wasn't very nice! They were, as I hoped they wouldn't be, quite sticky :( They were also quite hard to take off, leaving a shimmer behind on my arm from the swatches and on my face. I personally found the shimmer a bit too much and would probably prefer a clear gloss glaze over a lipstick to a Lip Glaze.

Price; 4 STARS £5 is okay for a gloss and at £1.25 I couldn't say no to giving it a go!

Promises; 5 STARS As stated on the tube, Fullness and Shine was definitely seen! The metallic shiny glaze helped the look of plumper lips, although I though the shiny look was too much.

Ease of Application; 4 STARS Even though the tubes were quite fat, the long thin applicator stick made it easy to apply.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; NO I personally found the shimmer shine too much. The colour was lost int he shine and the swatches look better than what I saw on my lips. I think I'll stick to MUA's Lipsticks!

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