Friday, 6 September 2013

1D Kiss You Lipstick; Moments

One Direction recently launched a makeup range with MUA exclusively in Superdrug stores. I'm not a huge fan, but I thought it was worth a try regardless of whom they were as I liked a few colours and concepts of the range.

One Direction Kiss You Lipstick - Moments
One Direction's Kiss You Lipstick's are priced at £3 which is a reasonable price for the teen target market which they are aimed at. I purchased the lipstick purely for the colour as I'm not a huge die-hard One Direction fan, although there are a few catchy songs! There are 5 different colours available; 'I Want' ( a red shade), 'Be Mine' (another red shade), 'Moments' (a pink shade), 'I Wish' (a bubblegum pink shade) and 'Rock Me' (a purple/pink shade).
One Direction Kiss You Lipstick - Moments - 3.8g - £3
Kiss You - Moments
The aesthetics of each lipstick are the same, regardless of the shade; red and black and decorated with with the 'KISS YOU' logo. The lipsticks are the shape of a bullet which is quite quirky as they stand out amongst other cylinder shaped lipsticks in my makeup bag and on the shelves. Similar to MUA lipsticks, a sample of the colour is at the end of each lipstick to make it easier to identify each shade.
Niall Horan Signature
Each shade is identified/by one band member and depending on their shade, their printed signature can be found on the inside of the lipstick on the silver twist mechanism.'Moments' is Niall's shade, hence his signature shown in the picture. This gives the lipsticks a personal touch from the band and gives the impression that they are really involved in their products. It also makes them more appealing to the hard-core 1D fans too!
Moments - '1D' and 'XOXO' raised prints
I love the cute and quirky additions to these lipsticks, especially the raised prints on the tip and stem of the lipsticks. The tip of the lipstick is decorated with a raised '1D' print which unfortunately disappears after the first couple of uses, although looks great when you first open it. The stem of the lipstick is decorated with raised X O prints which adds another girly touch and gives the impression of a more expensive lippy.

Moments Swatch
Once opened, the colour looks quite pigmented and when swatched, as you can see, comes out quite dark but obviously the colour will depend on your own lip and skin colour. The lipstick glides on quite well although after a while my lips became a little dry and the colour started to bleed. The lipstick is tinted with a slight shimmer which I didn't like too much as I prefer a plain colour lippy and I found this made the colour a bit too 'in your face' for me when on my lips.

Price; 4 STARS £3 is quite reasonable. It's more expensive than MUA's original lipstick range, although for those teenagers starting to experiment with makeup it's quite good, especially when they star 1D.

Promises; 3 STARS The colours are really pigmented and the range of colours available are good to match with any mood and outfit. However they did leave my lips dry and they did start to bleed after a short time.

Ease of Application; 4 STARS The lipsticks glided on very well and the shape of the lipstick made it easy to apply too.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?; MAYBE I would recommend the 1D Kiss You lipsticks to die hard 1D fans and teens experimenting with vibrant colours. They're a great addition to 1D products that targets 1D fans.

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