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Ubuntu Oils from Africa Repairing Mist | Lee Stafford |

Here's another Lee Stafford post and today it features the repairing mist from his Ubuntu Oils from Africa range, exclusive to Boots. I was gifted this product at a blogger event last year and only just got round to using it in the New Year and thought it's time to tell you all what I think!

Ubuntu Oils Light Oil Repairing Mist from Boots - 100 ml - £10.99

Lee Stafford's Ubuntu Oils from Africa range claim to "leave hair pampered, repaired, restored and full of juicy goodness ... formulated with Marula Oil ... one of the rarest healing oils from Africa and can be easily absorbed" 

You can apply the repairing mist to wet or dry hair - so it's not at all an inconvenience to use. You apply the mist by applying a few sprays to your hands first and then rubbing it through the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair. I found that a few more sprays worked well due the thickness of my hair so you can adapt the amount suited to you but it is noted that you can add but can't take away. It's also advised to avoid application nearer to your roots to allow for natural body and movement. 

The mist smells soo nice and fruity! It's totally different from a lot of hair products that stick down your throat or smell quite clinical. It's not at all sticky and doesn't leave a residue or look on your hair after the application. I can't say 100% that I've seen an improvement of my hair but I do think something has happened. The only thing I would say is that it's quite expensive! The repairing mist is £10.99 and therefore I won't choose to buy it myself and would probably either choose a cheaper and similar product or not bother at all.
Price: 2 STARS £10.99 This is too expensive for me and therefore I won' be purchasing it myself

Promises: 3 STARS I cannot say 1005 that there has been improvements to my hair, but something has happened!

Ease of Use: 5 STARS It's soo easy to apply and use. It doesn't leave my hair sticky or heavy.

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: MAYBE If you wanted to spend £10.99 on something like this then fine, but I find it's too expensive for what I experienced. 

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