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Lee Stafford Haircare Haul

Hi everyone, I have another Lee Stafford post for you! I recently received this bunch of haircare goodies from Lee Stafford's press office to review - how exciting! 

I was given the great opportunity to be able to receive products that would improve my current hair type, which is dead iron straight with not much volume! The goodies consisted of Lee's Big Fat Healthy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, Breaking Hair Leave in Treatment and Double Blow Mousse. Lee's full range of haircare products including those mentioned in the blog are exclusive to Boots and can be viewed HERE.

Lee Stafford - Available online and in-store exclusively at Boots

Big Fat Healthy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner - RRP: £5.99 each - Boots - 250 ml

I used Lee Stafford's Big Fat Healthy Hair shampoo and conditioner for just over 3 weeks (until the product was all gone).

The shampoo and conditioner has a "combination of conditioning agents to really pump up the volume ... and can be used every day to keep hair looking thicker, fuller and natural. It boosts hair's body and texture, enhances gloss and shine and banishes dulling deposits that made hair go lank and limp"

You apply the products as you would any other shampoo or conditioner - very easy and convenient if you have a busy lifestyle! After blow-drying my hair, I didn't see a dramatic difference in the volume or body of my hair. I did see a slight improvement but I might have had high expectations - expecting a big and bouncy 'do like you see on the celebs on tv. In relation to my previous hair products, I felt that my hair needed washing more frequently and also smelt slightly clinical.

I wouldn't mind using this every now and then when I wanted a 'boost' but regarding the price at £5.99 each and the results it gave me, I probably wouldn't purchase it myself and stick to my usual shampoo and conditioning products.

Breaking Hair Leave in Treatment - RRP: £7.99 - Boots - 75 ml

Over the period of a few weeks, I tried the Breaking Hair Leave in Treatment. I had high hopes for this product but I was sadly disappointed.

The leave in treatment is a "deep conditioning treatment ... that reduces physical damage ... leaving it full of strength whilst smoothing the cuticle to make each and every strand of hair feel sensationally silky"

It's advised to apply the equivalent of a Brazil nut to the mid lengths and ends of towel dried hair, comb and blow dry as normal. I didn't find that the amount stated was enough but I remained hopeful as my hair is quite long anyway! I then combed my hair and blow dried it - as I do every time I wash my hair.

Every time I used the product and after drying my hair, my hair felt full of product, looked a tad greasy and didn't have any body or volume. I was quite disappointed as it didn't feel like it said it would and I couldn't wait to wash it out of my hair. I'm sorry to say I won't be purchasing this myself.

Double Blow Volumizing Mousse - RRP: £5.99 - Boots - 200 ml

I haven't used mousse since I was about 12, when super slicked back pony tails were THE ONE. So you can imagine I was pretty out of sync how I should use the Double Blow Volumizing Mousse!

I usually think of mousse being crispy and giving you a wet kind of look but this mousse is described as "non sticky, non crispy for a tower of oomfness and body to die for..."

The normal application is to apply a handful of mousse evenly onto wet hair not forgetting the roots. Then blow dry as normal. It's advised if you want the double blow effect, once your hair is dry apply another handful of mousse onto the roots of your hair. It's claimed that this is only possible with this kind of product - a non sticky, non crispy mousse. 

I tried both looks and saw an improvement in the body and volume of my hair with both. I found the 'normal application' best or my hair as the 'double blow' effect quite heavy. It didn't add any more time onto my normal hair care routine and therefore ticked a box there, and although it didn't leave my hair crispy or sticky I did find I needed to wash my hair the day of or after the application as my hair didn't feel as fresh - but this could be normal? I would purchase it myself but I wouldn't use it everyday - only when I'm out for an occasion.
Overall, I will probably use the Big Fat Healthy Hair shampoo and conditioner and Volumizing Mousse every now and then when I needed a boost for my hair but I would definitely not use the Breaking Hair Leave In Treatment again.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

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