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Classic Winter Warmer Edition | Olive Faux Fur Parka |

Hello Winter Weather & Hello Winter Wardrobe!
The classic Winter parka. To me, this is a classic Winter wardrobe staple. A parka is perfect for keeping you warm in the Winter months as well as keeping you looking bang on trend at the same time. The Petite Olive Faux Fur Parka from Dorothy Perkins caught my eye. Now, I know I blog A LOT about Dorothy Perkins, but I just can't help myself. I must admit, a parka from Miss Selfridge was a major contender, but the price clinched it for me in the end - every little helps.
My parka is described as olive green - the classic parka colour but other Dorothy Perkins parkas are also available in in burgundy and navy. This particular parka that I purchased is form the PETITE range - a range for those that are slightly shorter, however even though I'm not classed as petite, this one fits perfectly - I'd recommend trying anyway if you have the chance!
Petite Olive Faux Fur Parka Jacket - Dorothy Perkins - Size 6 - £55
 My parka is fully lined and is machine washable - saving on dry cleaning bills and making it easier to put in and out the washing machine if you need it washed super quick! The parka is also decorated with panelling and black edging trim around the pockets and zip, purely for aesthetics but it makes it a but more interesting to look at!
Now I don't know about you. but I am not keen on 'coats' that only come down to your hips. That to me, isn't a coat. A coat is something that covers your bum and really keeps you warm and mostly dry. This parka is a really good length and is fully lined. The parka is slightly longer at the back and comes down past my bum and I am confident it would keep me warm and dry throughout the snow and harsh weather we normally get throughout the Autumn and Winter months.
Winter coats aren't made to be tightly fitting and what I LOVE about this parka is that I can clinch it in slightly more at the waist with the drawstrings so that I don't look like a stick rolled in a duvet. The main fastener for the parka is a zip but it's also fastened by poppers. Also fastened by poppers are the two very large pockets which are perfect for keeping your hands warm and keeping bits and bobs in. The poppers are also found on the cuffs. The poppers do work, but generally only add to the aesthetics as the cuffs aren't detachable.
 Now, what's a parka without a faux fur hood? The faux fur hood is brown in colour, great for not showing up too much dirt compared to a white one! The hood is also lined with a fleece-like material which is soo soft to touch making it super snuggly! The only negative thing I'd say is that it isn't detachable which would mean that you could wash the coat without making the fur go all manky at the same time. But hey ho, I'll manage.

 I love my parka. Don't get me wrong, I do love a fitted formal coat, but are they really going to keep you and your hair dry when the wind rain and snow is chucking it down form every angle?! No. Everyone needs a parka for that kinda weather and I am confident mine will live up to expectations and for £55, it's a bargain.
Price: 5 STARS It's very rare these days to find a proper Winter coat for a reasonable price. In my opinion, £55 is a good price for a parka that is a decent length, warm and with a large hood!

Promises: 5 STARS I am confident that this coat will keep me warm with it's padding, dry with the length and cosy with the faux fur hood.

Ease of Wear: 4 STARS I'm not going to say it's light as a feather, because it's a parka and it's a Winter coat but it's not heavy enough to dread wearing it round the town when you're Winter shopping!

Would I Recommend to a Friend?: YES This parka is a classic parka, classic colour, classic trend at a very reasonable price, so what's not to love?
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  1. You look so cute hun!! It was so lovely meeting you at Bloggers Festival, hope to see you again very soon!!


    1. Thankyou! It was lovely meeting you too and discovering your blog! I hope to see you again too! Keep up the great blog :)


  2. This is such a gorgeous Parka and you look lovely Kirsty! One thing I do love about the winter months is layering up and splurging on new coats etc :)

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