Thursday, 3 April 2014

3 Counties Bloggers Meet | TrendLife Magazine

On Saturday 29th March 2014, I attended the 3 Counties Bloggers Meet, by TrendLife Magazine! It was my first ever bloggers meet up and although I was super nervous, I was very excited! Luckily, one of my closest friends; Sophia from SophiaMeola, attended too so I wasn't totally on my own and we also met up with a fellow blogger, Gemma from Sunshine on a Cloudy Day when we arrived too!

We shopped around a bit before meeting other fellow bloggers at Giovanni's Galeto. This is where we sampled a a couple of variations, Lemon, Strawberry and Mango - which is definitely my favourite! There wasn't a massive group of us, which can be looked upon either way, but I think a smaller group settled everyone's nerves and made it easier to talk and network!

After mingling with everyone, we made our way as a group over the The Casino MK. I'd heard of The Casino MK but never actually been in there. It was exciting, because there were bouncers on the doors and I was in an environment where I hadn't been before. When we arrived, we were greeted by TrendLife Magazine with our own personal goodybags which were filled with lots of unique and snazzy bits and bobs, platters, snacks and drinks before talking to each other about our blogs, interests and general chit chat.

Towards the end, some of the group left. It wasn't before long that the last 6 of us headed back over to the CentreMK and shopped before making our way home! I'd never been to a blogger meet up before and it was great to talk and network with other bloggers about the pressures of blogging, what their interests are and their own story behind their blogs.


Ageta - BarkTime 
Lauren - LILYASHxo
Lisa - Lisahh-Jayne
Ruth - SweetPBeauT
Scarlet - Simply Scarlet 
Sophia - SophiaMeola

TrendLife have informed us that there will hopefully be another meetup in the near future. If you're a blogger and part of the Beds, Herts and Bucks area - it would be great to see you next time! Get in touch with them, follow them on Twitter and look out for updates!


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