Monday, 1 April 2013

Herbal Essences BEAUTIFUL ENDS

I love the feeling and smell of my hair when it's been washed and blow dried!
I heard that you should alternate what shampoo and conditioner you use every now and then to give your hair a lift? and I can say I have been naughty to this, as I stick with the same one!
Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends specialises in split end protection with red raspberry and silk extracts - this gives the beautiful smell and feel, and it available in 200ml and 400ml and shampoo and conditioner.
"...indulges every inch and helps to restore your hair's outer layer for softness. So the stronger it stays, the less it splits."
Herbal Essences BEAUTIFUL ENDS Shampoo and Conditioner - £3.79 400ml
I've used 'Beautiful Ends' (red), 'Silky Straight' (pink) and 'Tousle Me Softly' (purple). All three leave my hair feeling soft, nourished and super shiny!

Now, bare in mind that I used to style and use a LOT of heat on my hair when I was younger, and I still style my fringe and blow dry my hair every time it's washed. So when using  Herbal Essences, 'Beautiful Ends', it definitely lives up to promises as it leaves my hair feeling silky and moisturised!
It's approximately £3.79 for 400ml/£1.99 for 200ml, but there are regular promotions and offers in various high street stores, drug stores and supermarkets. I'd recommend for you to have a look at the different variations and try them when you see them on promo! Definitely worth a try!
5 STARS This product is regularly on promotion at my local supermarket and drug store, which i can also use my NUS discount in too! The price is great for the amount you get!

Promises; 5 STARS My repeat purchases speak volumes. I've continued to use this for over a year. I used to use a LOT of heat on my hair, but now I only style my fringe and I always blow dry my hair. After using Herbal Essences my hair and tips feel so moisturised and silky!

Ease of Use; 5 STARS. The different variations of size, 200ml and 400ml make great use of how long your hair is. The shampoo lathers up so well.. what more can I say?

Would I recommend to a friend?; YESThere are so many variations there is bound to be one type to suit your needs! 

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